Magnetic carbon fiber fender

  • Happy to say I'm getting closer to producing these.. This is a rough prototype.. Today I did some testing and I'm very happy.. the next step will be to sand the prototype down so it's perfect and then I can start the mold.. Very excited !! It will be magnetic for easy removal.. Also will come with 4x steel bolts to replace your stainless bolts so the magnets will stick..

    Stay tuned or follow me on Instagram - njcustom

  • nice! do you have an estimated pricing?

  • Would you be able to produce them in different colors? E.g. a matching blue? Would definitely be interested... looks good so far!

  • @tomtnt not 100% sure yet..

  • @rainynite yes I could do blue.. It would be black and blue..

  • I'm in! let us know how to order :-)

  • This is awesome! Easy on off would be beautiful!! @njcustom

  • Hows it magnetic? I thought the frame was aluminium?

  • If the board rolled over and the fender scraped ground, would it just detach because of the magnets or would it be strong enough to stay on?

  • @eish said:

    Hows it magnetic? I thought the frame was aluminium?

    @njcustom scratch that - just re read the description - what size/thread are the bolts?

  • @jim I will let you know when they are ready to ship..

  • @huber_760 it may or may not come off when you fall.. Good part is, if you let a friend who hasn't riden you can easily remove the fender without tools.. Then throw it back on when youre ready..

  • @eish I will supply the same bolts the board comes with but in steel, not stainless steel because its not magnetic..

  • This is amazing!!!

  • @dino thank you!

  • @njcustom Looking real good!!!

  • @njcustom Super sick man! Keep up the good work! You are going to have a lot of orders.

  • Too bad I already have mine from FM (thanks @laurentdiving for sharing the costs) - It really was expensive for a piece of plastic...

    @njcustom Will it hold with only the 4 small screws that attract the magnet?

  • @Polle I ordered the OW version also, and I love it! I have to say I am also not pleased with the price of a stamped out piece of plastic. It sure is nice to have though.

  • @J-Glide True, it is functional and looks good.
    But as the uncovered wheel looks more badass, it would be nice to be able to quickly switch via the magnets.
    @njcustom good thinking!

  • @Polle you can screw it down or use the magnets that come with it..yes it will hold no problem

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