OW rides differently at night?

  • I seem to get pushback at a slower speed in the daytime than I do at night. I also feel the board is more responsive and I have better control at night.

    I'm in San Francisco, there's not a big temperature change between day and night.

    It doesn't make any sense to me.

  • Aliens.


  • @Wrex said in OW rides differently at night?:



    Hahahahahahaaa yes absolutely aliens

  • I seriously doubt it's aliens. I say it's gremlins. They tend to come out at night, especially in San Francisco.

  • At night you have fewer visual cues, so you make fewer corrections, resulting in a smoother and more controlled ride. And/or aliens for sure...

  • I'm not getting probed, it seems like pushback occurs at 2-3 mph less than normal sometimes and it's alway been warm and sunny, it doesn't happen at night.

    Perhaps it's perceptual, as @Roy suggests, maybe it just seems like I'm going faster at night. I do think my vision is worse at night.

    I'd consider gremlins, but it happens in the daytime, so what are the odds?

  • @dalisdair
    Could be the little guy with the light on his finger is nearby and lifting the front of the OW up to the sky. LOL.

    Real feeling is perception due to visual cue differences.

  • @dalisdair said in OW rides differently at night?:

    I do think my vision is worse at night.

    Darkness does tend to have that effect.

  • @thegreck

    I suppose I should have said my vision in dim light is noticeably worse than it was than when I was younger and it's something I've noticed a lot lately, I'm surprised and not convinced that this is the explanation as to why I seem to be able to go significantly faster at night, but it's possible.

    Daytime, I can ride with or without glasses, at night I need to take glasses off.

  • Moon has a stronger pull, slows down the board.

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