Practically New OW for Sale - only 34 miles ($1150 obo )

  • Practically New OW for Sale - only 34 miles ($1150 obo )

    I love my OW , but just doesn't suit my needs. I'm getting use to riding it myself but i'm not comfortable letting my nieces ride it or my son , so i think i'm going to move over to Boosted Board

    Pretty much perfect shape minus the usual scratches that happen day 1 , only 34 miles on the ODO , have original box, charger, stickers, etc..

    Listing on Ebay soon but figured i'd give you guys first dibs

    $1150 OBO


  • Hey guys , i've gotten a few pm's and interest in the board , but nobody committed yet . please let me know if your interested or have any friends that might want to pick one up , i'll give you a good deal!

    if i don't hear from anyone by EOD , i'll be listing on Ebay tonight (ebay fees suck , would rather do a direct deal and give someone a good price on here :) )


  • I take mine up to Modern Skate and Surf indoor skatepark and Ride on Wednesday nights from 9:30 to midnight for their fossil night

  • @silver-surfer Did you mean to post in this thread?

  • Yes
    I was going to say if he wanted to bring his Onewheel up there
    He might find someone willing to take it off his hands
    It'd be a good place to put up an ad if nothing else

  • @silver-surfer awesome thanks for the advice! if i don't get a seller soon maybe i'll give that a try!

  • @silver-surfer Okay, I see. Sounds pretty fun!

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