A little more speed.

  • If at all possible this thing could get 5 more mph I would be so stoked. I fight pushback all day and it's sad (and scary). Just 5 more mph. For the commuters. Cue the US Bombs.

  • @Hubbitron we are all requesting few mph more...not a lot, just 5 would be great :P

  • Yea man, I'm with you. Swappable batteries, a motor upgrade and a refined sensor/footpad setup would be the only changes I'd make to the OW in a future revision.

  • @slydogstroh If they could just raise the speed enough that pushback doesn't kick in until 16-17mph instead of 14, that would be incredible. Fighting pushback the entire time I ride gets tiring.

  • I don't mind a little more speed but to me the OW is not about speed. It's about moving our center of gravity in all different directions/dimensions. Carving is one of those dimensions. But there's more. And reading this forum my impression is that part of this remains to be explored.. Feels like we're in the early developmental stages of what can be done with the OW, and that we're still using it much like its predecessors, being skateboard, snowboard, and other boards.
    Reminds me of the early days of the iPhone, or was it the iPad? Steve Jobs rightly said that it takes a while before new products are used to their full potential.

  • @SaturnOne well said!

  • I've hit 21mph on mine..its to fast for comfort

  • @njcustom I still haven't been able to go past 21 mph and like you said its really not fun going that fast because the board can't handle it.

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