Kickstarter Launched! Never Carry Your One Wheel Again

  • We are excited to announce a new Kickstarter that is the latest innovation for all One Wheel riders, the Glider for One Wheel. Enjoy a safer ride, a more convenient riding experience, and never struggle with lugging your 25+lb One Wheel around again. Learn how the Glider does all this by simply replacing your current One Wheel bumpers.

    The Kickstarter just launched and we have discounts for the first few Glider backers, so now is the time if you or someone you know wants to enjoy a better time with their One Wheel.

    Check it out at:

  • Bump...I pledged to buy one.. :)

  • Cool...Great Idea....I like it because it is always attached....No need to hook up anything else...

  • Wow! Legit product. Good job! What will you price it at?

  • Yeah, I was thinking about this type of mod from day 1 nice job....

  • Nice work..

  • @parrothd Thanks for the support! I look forward to delivering a safer and easier One Wheel experience.

  • @atl1wheelin Great question, the Kickstarter version will be at $95, and afterwards we will sell them directly on for $125.

  • cool idea, good thinking!

  • Just need one more..:)

  • 80$ of shiping is so much expensive but good idea

  • Saw the kickstarter. Cool idea. One question: Does your product block the lights?

  • @thefunkybat Great question, and it is really my fault for not including better pictures. No it does not block the lights. First we reconstructed the current bumpers in CAD and then added a handle and wheels around the holes for the light.

    The handle side has the hole blocked a little due to space the handle takes up, but the side with the wheels (which is the side that it is designed to ride forward with) is unblocked to allow the same visibility at night.

    Let me know if you have any other great questions.

  • @charge360 I am loosing money at $80 shipping internationally, but I am trying to find other solutions. Let me know what country you live in, that will help with me figuring out a better shipping option.

  • I am proud to announce that in less than one week we reached our Kickstarter goal on the Glider for One Wheel. Thank you to all that have supported the Kickstarter, and we can't wait to deliver a final product!

    The price of the Glider will go up $30 after the Kickstarter so it's not too late to get your Glider at an awesome price!

  • Neat idea! Have you tested this product extensively off pavement yet? I am curious how it rolls on different surfaces such as a trail or grass. Also wondering if the magnets hold the handle in stowed position over rough terrain. Thank you.

  • What is your recommended placement for each piece? In other words, would you install the part with the wheels on the side with the blue contact strip, or on the side where the battery pack is? And if it's on the side with the blue contact strip, are you still able to stand it up, even though it could become top heavy?

  • @duc809 Great question, the One Wheel rides exactly the same with the Glider attached. Except for the fact that if the front touches the ground you will simply continue to roll. There are two sets of decently strong magnets holding the handle in place even on the bumpiest of terrain. I ride the One Wheel for my commute every day, so trust me when I say the last thing I want is having to worry about the handle falling and catching on something.

  • @thefunkybat I think I understand the question, but let me know if my answer doesn't address it. Basically you just replace the current bumpers with the Glider using an allen wrench. The wheels go on the side with the battery and the handle goes on the other side. This works wheel as the battery side is heavier so you will not want to be holding that up, and the One Wheel has an extra gap on the other side that allows the handle to fold up into it.

  • @jtworks
    It is suggested and common to ride with the sensors in front, battery in back. I ride ride that way because I have less instances not covering the pad riding at low speed through rugged terrain. I know many other riders do as well.
    Could you also put wheels on the handle bumper? The rolling nosedive effect is absolutely helpful for sure

  • Had my credit card out, was ready to order, then $80 shipping to Australia!! seriously, so expensive, postage for a Carbon Fender to Australia is $10. just too expensive guys, great concept though, looks great. but $200+ Aussie dollars total, Tell em they're dreaming son!

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