Low Mile OneWheel for sale

  • For anyone that is interested I have a slightly used OneWheel for sale. Has just about 100 Miles on the Odometer and just the usual wear and tear of use. Also comes with a NJCustom carbon fiber fender as well as a bag of dummy plugs for the charging port. This was a second OW I purchased for my other half and it just doesn't get enough use to justify keeping it around. I will be getting pictures up later today but I just wanted to put this on here. Local pickup would be preferred but I will ship to the con united states. I am licated in the Philadelphia area.

  • Forgot to put the price in the description but I am looking to get around 1200. Overall I think that it is a pretty good deal for the low miles/good shape it is in and the fender.

  • Im about an hour away from you and would love a second ow but moneys tight right now. Idk how u feel about trading professional tattoo work for it but thats all i do for a living so im pretty good. If your interested let me know ill make it worth your while

  • @Nicky-Skinz maybe I would consider it. I have been needing to get my chest piece finished up. If selling it doesn't go well I will keep you in mind. Where exactly are you located.

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  • @ahxe45 Downsize them and make sure the extension is lowercase.

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  • 0_1478264256648_20161103_195606.jpg 0_1478264246834_20161103_195318.jpg 0_1478264248640_20161103_195410.jpg 0_1478264250415_20161103_195750.jpg 0_1478264251888_20161103_195552.jpg 0_1478264254336_20161103_195821.jpg

  • 0_1478264380863_20161103_195808.jpg 0_1478264376648_20161103_195431.jpg 0_1478264378985_20161103_195720.jpg

  • 0_1478264459633_Screenshot_2016-11-03-19-56-55.png

  • Finally got the pictures to work!! The board is wrapped in carbon fiber wrap and I can include the leftover with whoever purchases the board. Also there is a GoPro mount on the side of the board that I will leave on but can easily be removed. There is also Velcro that I have a cutout around the power switch for extra protection when off road. If anyone has any questions feel free to reply here or dm me.

  • Also wanted to add that this board is still under warranty until July. I will keep this up for sale for about a month and if no one wants it on here or a few other sites i will be posting it on eBay eventually. I just want to avoid the fees if I can.

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  • This post is deleted!

  • Board is still available. Get yourself or someone else an awesome Christmas present for a good price. PM me with questions/offers. Figure I will hold on to it until after Christmas as I don't need to sell it that bad and ebay kills you on fees.

  • SOLD!!!!!!!

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