LEDs and battery life

  • OW Buddy app just released an update with brighter lights. That made me wonder if the battery life on OW can be longer if you turn off the lights. Any one try testing this?

  • @Gosha the app does not make the lights brighter, it just locks the front and rear lights it place so they don't change

  • Mine definitely goes brighter when I hold the light button. I've been riding in the dark recently, and have always been using the 'high beam'!

  • @p3eps Aside from "off", the LEDs normally have 2 brightness levels: bright and dim. When in motion, they're bright, but when you stop, they switch to dim. The OWheelBuddy just locks them in bright mode at all times.

    I doubt either mode is much different than having them turned off as far as power consumption goes.

  • @p3eps your right they do. But as @thegreck said only when your stopped

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