Selling my OneWheel, low miles. Has been taped since ownership. -Stamford, CT / NYC area

  • Hey there,

    PM me with offers. Would like to get $1200.

    Need to free up some cash so I'm selling my OneWheel. Unit has LOW miles (not sure what app I can use to check total miles), and will be a joy for the next owner.

    I had the same sticky footpad issue as others, but OW sent me replacement footpads. Although I've only used the board a couple times since getting the new footpads, any problems have been eliminated.

    Board does have some normal wear/scuffing on the rubber bumpers but again, this is from normal wear and tear.

    Will follow-up with photos but please reply if you have interest!

    EDIT: Last odometer check from OWBuddy shows 25.0 miles

  • @tanglewood chat sent

  • Still for sale!

  • @tanglewood p0wheel (for Android) or OWheelBuddy (for iPhone) will show you total miles.

  • Or try if you have chrome and a somewhat new computer.

  • Just wanted to update this with photos, WAY overdue my apologies.

    Also giving the "guitar stand" with it as it made a cool way to stand it up in my office.

    2_1481740852975_Onewheel-1989.jpg 1_1481740852975_Onewheel-1987.jpg 0_1481740852975_Onewheel-1986.jpg

  • Some more:

    2_1481740884258_Onewheel-1993.jpg 1_1481740884258_Onewheel-1991.jpg 0_1481740884258_Onewheel-1990.jpg

  • And the last ones. I also have some "gummy bear" duck tape that can be included if you want to protect the sides or hide the light scratches.

    1_1481741092918_Onewheel-2005.jpg 0_1481741092918_Onewheel-1997.jpg

  • @tanglewood I know people who might be interested but the shipping cost to Europe are killing this opportunity.. :(

  • @SaturnOne if the people in Europe will pay shipping I have no problem! =)

    All messages replied!

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