Cold weather and reduced mileage

  • Temperatures are dropping here in Ireland and I was wondering if anyone has noticed a reduction in mileage because of this.

    I went on my usual weekend ride today and I've lost a good mile compared to the summer months.

    I know Lipo batteries don't like the cold and it reduces there capacity, so I was wondering who if anyone has noticed the same

  • Used to get a constant 9.5km during summer time but now I only get about 7.5 to 8km with temperatures around -2 Celcius.

  • @l4rzzz that's not bad. Temps here are 7c and I can see a difference

  • @thehoff I have lower milage too since it is colder. I charge the one wheel in the same cold temperature in the shed outside. I was wondering if loading the onewheel at home temperature inside would help increase milage. Anyone tried that? I don't know if the temperature while charging makes a difference or just while riding. Or maybe both?

  • @ltl I wouldn't think so. But you could try.

  • @thehoff any battery especially lipos are affected by the cold negatively. On the other hand its better than having them overheat.

  • @thehoff Bro you checked tire pressure to make sure it's not deflated too much? That sometimes happens to me when I don't check it for a while, and pumping it up always gives me a longer ride.

  • @groovyruvy Especially important after a change in temperature.

  • @groovyruvy I have taken the pressure down to 18 psi from 20 psi. l will put 20psi in for tonight's ride and see how I go

  • @thehoff
    I agree with comments on tire pressure being a big contributor to lower range in cold weather. As the OW is not a high speed vehicle the tire will not warm during rotation that much so I plan to increase mine above 20 PSI to may 21 or 22 in room temp and expect it to be around 20 or so while out side (I will check it and report back after my next ride).

  • your tires are less sticky when it's cold.

  • Guys,

    My tyres were deflated more than normal.
    Plus I found out the the old trusted pencil gauge was under reading by 2psi.

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