Ordered 11/2, arrived 11/12

  • Greetings from East Tennessee!

    I ordered my OW on Wednesday, November 2. It was shipped out on the following Tuesday (Nov 8) and arrived on Saturday (Nov 12). In two days I've managed to tack on 14 extremely satisfying miles. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. It's even better than I anticipated (and I REALLY built this thing up in my head). Cheers to Future Motion for an outstanding product and for getting me going so quickly!

    [ resistgravity ]


  • @resistgravity That's exactly how I felt. Back when I ordered mine, the wait time was 2 months, so by the time it arrived I was afraid it could never live up to my huge expectations. I was pretty surprised when it completely surpassed them! Enjoy, and take it slow at first!

  • That thing needs some scratches and dings......

  • @thegreck I'm definitely taking it slow - and mostly in the grass, lol. It's crazy how each time it feels more and more "natural". But I still can't seem to dismount gracefully; the right side always slams down pretty hard. Guess I'll just have to keep practicing!

    @Aaron-Broward-FL no worries, it has a good handful of scratches now ;)

  • @resistgravity I don't want to admit how long it took me to learn to dismount.

  • @thegreck
    Agreed. I focused on the dismount but it still took a few rides to make smooth. I have always found that a bit of forward motion then a stomp with back foot and a matched lifting of the sensor front foot gives the most reliable result for me.

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  • @resistgravity Haha that makes a great before and after picture compared to your first picture of your new onewheel

  • That turnaround time has really dropped in the last year. I ordered late Oct. and got mine in mid December. The wait was excruciating for me. I would check my email many times a day to see if it had been shipped. Glad to see they've got the shipping time down.

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