Knee/Elbow pads, writst/hand guards recommendation?

  • All, I purchased a one-wheel for my 15 year old son for xmas and need to get him some protective gear--any recommendations? Same question on helmet...needs to be something that doesn't look too goofy so that he actually wears it. thanks.

  • I'm wearing G-form pads, they are very discreet and quite efficient, you can wear them under clothes and they are very flexible, not bulky at all and protect well from low speed crashes (the OW is not high speed for me).

  • Thanks. Those seem expensive and maybe not so great for hot climates (which we live in). Any other recommends? Thanks.

  • @mr.big They are expensive I agree, but they are the best one for hot climate...because they are so thin and flexible, you just forget them. I'm doing long distance longboarding (pushing, pumping) and wear these all the times :)

  • Thank you. Good advice.

  • Any advice regarding helmet? Are wrist guards necessary?

  • @Tartopom Do you also use the PRO X shirt from G-Form? Some OW riders hurt the shoulders pretty bad during wipe outs and I wonder if G-form's shirt would protect them, as the alternative (football shoulder pads) are quite bulky...

  • @mr.big said in Knee/Elbow pads, writst/hand guards recommendation?:

    Any advice regarding helmet? Are wrist guards necessary?

    Yes I say wrist guards should be #2 priority after helmet. The body's instinct when falling is to throw out its arms to catch itself. That's where broken wrists come from

  • I bought these. Seem to be a good value for the price:

    I took a nosedive on grass, landed on my wrists, and walked it off without issue. I'm glad I was on grass.

  • I also have the G-Form Knee/Elbow pads. They're so light and thin that I wear them under my jeans and t-shirt. The Wrist Guards and Helmet I got are Triple8's and I'm generally pretty happy with them.

    G-Form are definitely pricey, but the more I wear and fall on them, the more I've realized they're worth it.

    EDIT: On further thought, something like what @drew posted is probably a perfect starter set. Add a good skateboarding helmet and your son will be set. If he takes to the onewheel and rides it a ton, upgrade to some G-Form pads. At $80+$50 for Knee+Elbow G-Forms, they're probably on the pricey side if you're not sure whether he'll take to the Onewheel. And the $20 starter set will protect him just the same to start with.

  • @MNSC No I just wear the knee and elbow pads from gform. I'm too fat for this kind of sticky tshirt :P

    @mr-big yes wristguard are really important, 2nd place after the helmet. In fact what I hurted more while OW is :

    • elbow
    • wrist
    • external side of the front leg
    • head (very seldom and very light..but it's always better to have helmet for the most important thing)

    I never hurted knees for example :P

  • @mr.big This topic has been discussed many times on the forum already if you wanted to check out some of the other threads:

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