OWheelBuddy & GPS Tracking & Apple Watch app & Today screen plugin

  • Hi @all

    The latest version 1.6.4 is out since a few minutes and comes with the following new features:

    • Online GPS track recording/sharing.
    • Apple Watch app.
    • Today screen plugin.
    • Anti cheating features to finally verify all those incredible top speeds on the leaderboard (The history of power and speed readings are now shown if you click on an entry of the speed leaderboard. With these values one can instantly see if it was cheating or not).

    Note: To participate the speed leaderboard again after the reset which was announced a few minutes ago, you must upgrade to the latest version.

    0_1479369962379_IMG_0268.jpg 0_1479369975197_IMG_0269.jpg 0_1479370048555_apple_watch Kopie.jpg

  • Those look like some nice features!

  • Wow! That's SO great!
    Are these changes coming to the Android app by any chance?

  • @matto Yes, they'll come :)

  • @SeeTheInvisible Great work, does this also mean that the app will show progress of the battery useage on the watch. Is this just on the apple watch of also on the pebble connected to an iphone?

  • @ltl Yes it shows battery percentage (it's the green circle ...) and it's just for Apple Watch.

  • @SeeTheInvisible
    Sweet update and nice added features. Just got the update. Thank you!

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