Insane traction upgrade for the OW

  • This is like adding bindings to your 80's Burton Backhill. Had my OW for about a year or so. Spend 95% of my time riding trails and doing surf checks. On some of the more aggressive trails I felt limited by my ability to stay on the OW. I came up with this and it literally added an exponential effect that the control and how aggressive I could get riding. Simple surf kick pad on back. Sup traction on front. Works better than you would ever imagine. Doubt... I'm in halfmoon bay and "in between jobs" (Have a van with 110v & 2 OW chargers...) ping me and we can go for a trail loop!! Your not blown away... Beers on me. If you are.....You buy the first round 0_1479830706720_OW.jpg

  • @GoneProBro sweet idea. Could you share links to any good online places to buy the pads? Thanks...

  • I'm interested in trying it out.. I'm in Los Altos, what trails do you usually ride?

  • @No everything imaginable here on the coast. Try to avoid double track and NO pavement. Current best 22.7 mph

  • I like your solution!

    I'm interested in anything that would help keep my feet in place, even when I'm riding smooth pavement. When I hit a curve at high speed, I have to slow down when I feel my heels or toes lifting off the board so it doesn't roll onto its side and dump me.

    I'm considering trying some Freebord bindings, but maybe mounting them between my feet instead of to the outside.

  • @badcheese The kick pad on the rear foot makes a huge difference... that being said, however learning to ride with a very flat foot takes time and a little bit of discipline. When I mount the goPro on the board I noticed even I left my feet when I'm being lazy. Once you nail the flat foot riding the kick pad and track top really help keep the feet locked on the board. I would start there.

  • @GoneProBro : I have a fair amount of practice riding with a flat foot (well over 500 miles so far), but the board simply doesn't tilt enough to keep my feet flat when I'm taking a curve at 20-25 mph.

  • Badass man! I'd love to meet up and try it

  • @No I'm in Palo Alto we gotta link up and ride brotha

  • @GoneProBro: Thanks for sharing! No issues with the footpad sensors so far?

  • @eeg I'm around this Friday and this weekend if either works for you. Come out to the coast, you can try the foot pads (3 shops local if you feel find them a must have) I would be happy to show you a/my favorite loops. Then beer. No issues with foot sensor.

  • You just put them on top of the existing footpads? Not taking anything off?

  • @GoneProBro Do the traction pads affect the activation of the footpad sensors underneath?

    Like the idea,,,but I like to ride with my rear foot up almost against the fender on my OW,,,so I would probably move that kickpad slightly more towards center of pad on the OW,,,,

  • @GoneProBro This is rad! I'd totally consider doing it, but I'm waiting for your reply to the sensor issue. Does it or does it not affect the sensitivity of the sensors?

  • @thegreck sorry getting a few repeat questions. (& was camping overnight) Absolutely no noticeable effect of front foot sensor. Only thing you will notice is your foot feels stuck to the new pad.

  • @r1alvin no not at all. Works brilliantly.

  • @Polle yes peel off stock grip tape & replace with deck pad.

  • Found this option on Amazon. Might be enough to do both decks on the OW....


  • I'm over the hill in San Mateo. If you guys go riding, I'd love to join, too. See this craziness in person. :D

  • Yes, let's all get togather & #oneshred. I just added a front kick stop and it feels amazing in driveway. Trail testing tomorrow. (Dinner obligations) let me know who's in fir a ride out this way & what works best for those interested. #blownaway #keepsgettingbetter

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