OW Black Friday Deal 1299.00 w/ free shippnig.

  • 1299 deal

    Sorry everyone trying to sell one.

  • still 1,412.67 after tax!

  • Dammit I just scooped a used one for $1200

  • @utsu looks like it's $1299 flat if you checkout with PayPal

  • still 1,412.67 after tax!

    Not sure what the current law is but it looks like tax is only collected on sales in California since they do not have a presense outside of Cali.
    Correct me if I'm wrong(I know it has changed in the last few years). So only us suckers in Cali will be paying 1,412.67?

  • Just snapped one up.....its about 3 months early but the deal juices got to flowing!

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