OWheelBuddy for Android

  • Finally OWheelBuddy is available on the Google Play Store!

    Hi everybody!
    I’m Flo, Andi’s brother-in-law ( @SeeTheInvisible ) and the developer of the OWheelBuddy Android App. This is the first version and it contains all of the offline features you may know from the iOS app.

    • Low battery alert
    • Regeneration alert (battery overcharge warning when going downhill)
    • Point of no return message (50% battery charge left)
    • Battery fully charged notification
    • New top speed message
    • Wheelslip detection (to not mess up your top speed)
    • Consumption display: tells you how much percentage of a full battery charge you have already burned
    • Regeneration display: tells you how much percentage of a full battery charge you have regenerated (when going downhill or braking)
    • Estimated remaining range according to your current riding profile
    • Efficiency display
    • Current power consumption and regeneration in Watts - with the max. values of the trip
    • Total odometer display
    • Average speed display
    • Board live movement display: shows the movement of your board
    • Auto connect to your favorite Onewheel
    • Board name: give your Onewheel a name
    • Internal values display (Temperatures, voltages ...)
    • Day and night skin

    For those of you who are excited to join the online leaderboard, work is in progress! I'd be glad to hear any feedback you might have, just send me a message or an email at florian.geymayer@onewheelbuddy.com.

  • Android users go for it :)
    @booster1304 @njcustom @ahxe45 @Polle @resistgravity @frotozoa

    @BaconCoon Thanks for the effort you put into OWB development!

  • great, i just bought it and installed it. Looks great.
    Suggestion: battery usage notificatons per for instance per 5% used so it can be used with the pebble or other watches. That is the most viewed item (how much battery is left) for the onewheelers that I know. They are all looking at there phone five times or more per drive.
    Even better would be that users can set this notifications according to there own specs.
    Thanks for the great app. Will give a try today.

  • This is an awesome app.
    I'm a developer too, and I was planning on doing a version that sends all of the info to my Pebble watch. That would be an awesome feature, specially battery, speed, and allowing you to change modes and switch the lights.

    I'm no expert in Android programming, but I've done a couple of things here and there. If you think this is a good idea, I could help you with the pebble app part and the link to OWheelBuddy using the Pebble SDK for Android. I'm planning on doing it anyway because I want it for me :)

  • So I've tried it today. First of all thanks. The apps works great while riding. However I have a little bug. Once the screensaver of my phone has been activated, the screen freezes after trying to open the screen again (it switches between the app and the login screen and is not responding to input) and I have to restart my phone (a samsung). After that it connects just fine again. No idea why, just trying to help you to improve the app. No worries, I appreciate the idea and the effort.

  • @matto that would be great, pebble support, I believe onewheel buddy for the apple watch does this since recently. I have an android phone with a pebble so I will have to wait then.

  • @ltl and @matto

    Thank you for your input! Android wear support is planned for a future release. We would like to bring the same experience to both iOS and Android users, so the next thing I'll be working on is the support of the online features.

    Regarding pebble support I will talk to @SeeTheInvisible.

  • Cool, I'm eager to check it, but it will be maybe a few days before I have time to ride...

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