• Is there any way to track your order before it ships? I ordered mine on 11/27 and aside from a confirmation email there has been no information about process time.

    I realize that with the sale things are likely busy, just ancy for my early Xmas present.


  • I ordered mine on cyber Monday, and it hasn't even shipped yet. Like if you spend 1,200$ on something they should at least ship it out within 3 days.

  • You have to wait for the shipping tracker to track your one wheel

  • I ordered mine on 11/25 and it just shipped yesterday. They were a bit surprised by the sale and were backlogged. Luckily its only taking a day for Fed-Ex in CA. Just a heads up. OW Support was good about getting back to me after I asked for an update FYI.

  • Thanks guys. I can't wait.


  • @Jak I ordered same day as you 11/25/2016, shipped today in the am. They said the board would be sent 4-5 business days after ordering and they been true to they're word in my experience.

  • Ordered mine 11/26, just got the tracking number today. Looks like 12/6 delivery date..

  • I ordered mine on 11/27 also and just received my tracking info the night of 12/2. I'm doing my best to be patient and since I'm in SoCal I expect to get it quickly. Thanks for starting this thread as I was thinking of asking the same question and it's nice to hear others' experiences from recent purchases.

  • @norcal1212 looks like it'll be here any minute. Can't wait! Have a great day!

  • Arrived yesterday (12/8). Great response from FutureMotion when i asked.

    Its amazing. Kinda wet and rainy in NorCal but I had to take it out anyways. Hope that all weather stuff is the truth.


  • This post is deleted!

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