Ordering sucks.

  • I ordered my board November 25th and they shipped Dec 2nd. Thing is though, they "forget" to include the "commercial invoice" and fedex returns the package to them, tsk. how professional! Now I'm still waiting for another board to be shipped , I friggin hate ordering stuff online. They should open more stores. My city is 1.5 million people and not one retailer?

  • @heinzketchup83 I doubt they're going to be able to open stores at all. Not many tech companies out there aside from Apple are rich enough to open up retailers just to sell one brand. It's up to current retailers in your area (skateboard shops, ski shops, etc) to carry them.

  • @heinzketchup83 You kids have it easy! Back in my day, if you weren't on the Wells Fargo wagon route, you would have to hitch the mule to the buckboard and haul your Onewheel back from Californee yourself, fighting off injuns the whole way.

  • @heinzketchup83 once you ride it you will totally forget the wait.. i waited over 3 months for mine..

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