• Dose anyone know a good way to dismount a onewheel properly?

  • The method above was posted in a previous thread. Just did search for dismount.

  • @piercingpierce RTFM, and then practice. A lot.

  • @piercingpierce I raise my heel like this at 1min11
    Be sure to be under 0.5mph...

  • Toes to the nose.

  • Even though I'm comfortable dismounting (been riding since last feb) I still think it's unnecessarily awkward.

    That being said, the trick is to figure out which direction you're more comfortable rotating your foot, toes forward or heel forward, and start rotating while your slowly moving forward. Once one sensor is no longer pressed, and you get below 0.5 MPH, the OW will gently stop and you can step off.

  • Easy dismount: with OW at little to no speed, roll your front foot toward the nose (onto the side of the shoe) then transfer weight to the ball of your foot while lifting the heel. Tail drops to the ground and both feet remain on the board. So smooth I can restart from this same position. Alternatively, bring OW to a dead stop and then do a little leap backwards off the board, while applying even pressure to both footpads. Board comes to a dead stop right in front of you while you land nicely to the side of it.

  • Lifting the heel is the most common way.
    For newbs, best to mount, do a circle and back, hold on to a railing and dismount.
    Spent few nights at a parking lot doing just that while getting all around comfortable with balance.


  • Dave Locke has a pretty stylin' dismount: https://instagram.com/p/BMuVSQ7AWv9/

  • i like to get off the footswitch carrying a bit of speed and let the motor slow me down.

    laying the board on its side is the easiest way off.

  • For beginners, I'd recommend slowing down and then just hopping off. As your ankles and legs get stronger, you can try to pick your heel up, toes to nose, and the other recs mentioned on here. It took me a little while to get comfortable with lifting my heel up, so I'd just hop off. Still do when things get squirrely with my balance or something.

  • Roll your front foot (if the sensor is under your front foot) forward and off the sensor almost like an ollie in skateboarding and the board should disengage. If your jumping off your only asking for trouble as I have seen more than once the board ghost riding itself.

  • @mrb said in Dismount:

    i like to get off the footswitch carrying a bit of speed and let the motor slow me down.

    I like this too as it's more of a fluid dismount. If you move off the sensor carrying a bit of speed the tail drops and you slide for a bit similar to how you would slide on you tail on a skateboard to slow and stop.

  • I always come to a complete stop applying even pressure to both front and back deck, rolling my front foot on it's outer edge while maintaining horizontal stability until the motor cuts out. Works every time

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