Bespoke Onewheel Backpack for resell

  • I had a bespoke backpack made for a customer who longer wants it so it's now up for resell.

    It's made of the usual hard wearing and waterproof ballistic nylon fabric, it's a wider design to house a 17inch MacBook in a separate water resistant pouch, has a bladder pocket inside and a bladder pipe holder on one strap with a GoPro mount on the other strap to allow you to film your ride.

    If it's of interest to anyone then let me know, likewise if you're after a one-off kit bag or back pack then let me know as I can design to your specifications.

    For some reason I can't upload the photos of it from my phone right now so here's a link to an Instagram post

  • I would be interested in one. More info?

  • @laneeric The top line info on the bag is that it costs $225 plus shipping. It's an awesome bit of kit for whoever wants it. On the flip side if the colour isn't of interest I can always produce a replica in another colour or combination of colours.

    If you're interested then let me know


  • @Jimmers75 I'm very interested in your half penny backpack, but I'm curious, how are the OW's straps stored when not carrying it? do they just hang loose or is there some way to tuck them in/strap them down?

    Also, what colors are available?

    Asking in public rather than a PM just in case anybody else is curious

  • @No here is a link to an image with info on the strap storage As to colour combo you hit me with combo you're after and I'll ask the team

  • @Jimmers75 Black with dark grey straps

  • @No I've asked the question but to be honest I don't see that combo being a problem at all.

  • Hi I have sent you a chat on this forum. What is your email, so I can have contact with you about the size.

  • @ltl hi it's speak soon

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