Wrecked and ruined a good shirt

  • I've been dealing with a newborn and haven't been able to ride for the past 3 weeks, so I was a bit shaky riding it to work this morning (not to mention I was looking at the Onewheel app on my phone at the time, and also barely awake from being up most of the night with aforementioned baby). Hit a bump that caught me off guard, the nose hit the ground, and suddenly I found myself attempting to run it out, failed, and tried to drop and roll but I was wearing a backpack which caused me to slide on my side for a few feet. Got a little banged up, but otherwise I'm fine.

    But I really liked that shirt. And that elbow.

    0_1481648507304_Ripped Elbow.jpg

    0_1481648526532_Ripped Shirt.jpg

  • @thegreck congrats on the new baby, and the nice battle wound! Due to damaging shoes, shorts, pants, shirts + sweatshirts when I Onewheel, I now only wear clothes I don't mind getting torn up.

  • @groovyruvy Yeah, but like I said, I was on my way to work. I suppose I could wear crappy clothes, then change when I get there, but 1) I'm not going to do that, and 2) I'm just not going to do that.

  • @thegreck congrats on the new baby bro! But sorry, I can't stop laughing aubout your wipeout :) :) :)

  • @fabuz Thanks! I just hope my wife doesn't try to use it as another reason she doesn't want me riding the Onewheel, because I have to ride!

  • @thegreck
    Ahahahhahhahahahhahahhhah!!!! We all have the same face after a crash :)

  • @fabuz Hahaha! Awesome! You have me beat though, your wound looks a lot worse!

  • @thegreck
    Congrats on the expanding family. Bummer on the loss of the shirt and I guess sleep for the next several weeks. Give your wound a day or two and it will turn some amazing colors for you.... LOL. I think @fabuz does still win on initial visual shock value for his wound.... Heal fast!

  • @fabuz said in Wrecked and ruined a good shirt:

    Ahahahhahhahahahhahahhhah!!!! We all have the same face after a crash :)

    Utter bemusement: "how could this happen to me?" XD

  • @1woman1wheel That was my exact thought as I was flying through the air!

  • @thegreck

    A very belated welcome to the OW family.

  • Heal quickly bro.

  • @thehoff Thanks! But honestly, for as hard of a fall I took, and being 46 years old, I'm pretty surprised at how relatively unscathed I came out. Besides losing a bit of skin, I'm not really sore at all, even the next day. Ride on!

  • Had my first fall this morning on way to work (4th or 5th day of riding OW?) - ended up pushing the nose a bit too far down and it clipped - OW stopped but me on the other hand, obeyed the laws of Inertia. Came out relatively unscathed (much less damage than yourself!) and with a important lesson - know when the nose is dipping too far!

    Gonna give elevated mode a shot and see how that feels.

  • @Larklen
    In my opinion elevated is best used for going up steeper inclines as it starts with the nose at a higher elevation with respect to level ground. The pushback effect is basically matched to extreme mode just pushes back from a higher starting incline point. I would suggest taking it slow and learning the pushback point in extreme at ~ 12 MPH when the nose lifts. Then you will be more mindful if you go past it and risk dropping the nose down. Just my 2 cents... ;-)

  • @Larklen Exactly. And if you ride with your legs bent, you can usually recover from things like that. I was riding a bit stiff-legged, and wasn't paying close enough attention, and I paid the price.

  • Glad to see someone else is kissing the concrete. I was trying to break my own speed record and rode the nose on the concrete for about five feet before I hit the ground. Luckily I had worn extra clothing and full pads to break the fall. Ride on!!!! Looking forward to V2!! Should be out soon :) Have no information on specifics but I heard that its coming soon... @thegreck

  • @MichaelW

    V2? That's exciting to hear.
    Hopefully by the end of Winter it'll be ready...

    My guess, more voltage, 2-3 miles faster with 2-3 miles longer range..
    Better app with more fancy schmancy features in it.

  • @MichaelW Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to V2. Have been considering to buy an additional one. Will hold off on that for now.. :)

  • @SaturnOne You can check with the older forum members, Future Motions idea of 'soon', quick' and 'almost' are different then the rest of the world :)

  • @thegreck congratulations on the mini @thegreck!!! Soooooo cool man! I'm so stoked about this next generation! Maybe they will b addicted to onewheeling instead of touch screens! I'm sure your little dude or dudess will be riding version 3 or 4 before you know it! No hurry for that stuff though hope you and your family are doing great! Super stoked for you guys!!!

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