The "other" one wheel

  • Has anyone tried this kinda one wheel?
    Not that I personally am interested in getting one of these but people around me are.
    And I am interested to hear how both compare even though from the beginning I knew I wanted to the OneWheel, not the ninebot.
    Would someone who has experience with both argue that the ninebot (or similar) offers a riding experience that is at least as cool / fluent / ... as the OneWheel experience? Or even better?!

  • Never been on one but I do have eyeballs. It's got only one wheel and it's battery powered other than that no comparison. Just watch a video of someone riding one and, even if you're all alone, someone will pop in to make fun of the jackass in the video. Those things are just silly. Even if you could drop off a picnic table and ride out, no one would be friends with you

  • @SaturnOne I own Onewheels and also have a Solowheel Extreme, which is similar to Ninebot but in my opinion Solowheel's far superior. For recreation / having fun I usually go with Onewheel as it's just so much fun and tackles pretty much anything. For longer commutes the Solowheel is a better choice as it takes less effort / force to ride and it's got a longer range. Solowheel is also lighter, smaller footprint and easier to carry around, and a lot of fun to ride. Whereas Onewheeling is more akin to snowboarding, Solowheeling is more like skiing- same stance / posture, same turning. It does well on different terrains but not as aggressive as OW. Able to handle cracks and bumps but again, not as aggressive as OW. Takes inclines like a champ. I get stopped riding Solowheel just as often as I do when riding OW, everyone's got questions about it.

  • @sonny123 looks like the one you sent a link of can do 30 mph- nuts. Solowheel for me maxes out at 12 mph.

  • @groovyruvy

    How's the Solowheel going straight compared to OW, since it's a thin tire?

  • @sonny123 easy peasy, can draw a straight line no prob. I tend to enjoy slaloming more though, a lot more fun, but not always practical in tight situations or with people around.

  • @groovyruvy

    Sounds like this will be my next gadget.

    Airwheel makes the double tire which supposed to be more forgiving.

  • @groovyruvy The slaloming should be the cool part. I wonder how it compares to carving on OW. I suspect OW has the edge? Thanks for the replies man! Appreciate it.

  • I have an SBU from which is the same innards as @groovyruvy's Solowheel. The seat makes it easier to ride, from my experience. Plus, sitting down is always nice. :)

    I have a friend with a solowheel and it is quite fun. I tend to view the OneWheel as the sports car, and the Solowheel/Unicycle as the SUV. It's way more practical when I'm zipping around running errands because I can stay on it more and don't have to carry it places when I'm not actively riding it.

    The OneWheel is way more fun, for sure.

  • I had one, it's fun, but it's much more difficult to use and not nearly AS fun. In the end not comparable at all. I gave mine away. Still have my OW tho!

  • @SaturnOne I currently own a Gotway Msuper3, Gotway ACM, and INMOTION V8. The benefit of an electric unicycle is the range. The higher end models weigh about the same as the OW, but will take me about 30 miles without having to recharge. I like the build quality of the OW a lot better. The EUCs have plasticy cases but are pretty durable. They don't have foot sensors which makes them a little easier to dismount in my opinion. The electric unicycle have a little steeper learning curve at the start.

    That being said, I don't think one is more fun than the other. Off-roading on the Msuper V3 is a blast. They both have their place and are totally different riding experiences. I sold my Onewheel a year ago, but miss it quite a bit. With the OW+ coming out, I think I will be returning to my Onewheel roots. I live in California and would like to support the US/California companies as well.

  • Anyone familiar with this?

    I know there are newer versions but the speed on this seems okay for me as well as the price.

  • This is sick.
    Look at this guy. lol...

  • Haha yeah those things are fun in an entirely different way from the OneWheel. The best description I've ever come up with is that while the OneWheel feels like you are carving with it, the unicycles like that feel like you're swooping around. I have totally dragged a footpeg on mine while whipping around corners. If you've ridden a motorcycle, the cornering feels familiar. Lean into it and the motor shoots you around the corner.

    Anyone in the bay area that wants to give it a spin, let me know.

  • Some clown in Finland is having a ball on this thing. lol..

  • @sonny123 said in The "other" one wheel:

    Wisely using good protection. The guy/girl is pretty damn skilled though.. Thanks for sharing.

  • @SaturnOne

    Oh yeah. His channel is a blast to watch.
    And he does use plenty of paddings.

  • @sonny123 What am I watching...this is...amazing. Finnish rap, neon protective gear, and the goofiest rideable ever conceived. This is a recipe for WTFyass.

  • @Rig

    LOL... I was just watching this and emailed it to my friend.

    Keep watching what follows him after. :)))

  • Just got the Gotway and gave it a try.
    Boy, this thing ain't easy and will take some practice.
    But excited about it.

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