Selling used OneWheel + supercharger (Europe/EU)

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  • @cr4p I know people who might be interested. Given the mileage the price still seems to be rather high. Then again, these things are made like tanks, as we all know. Price is non-negotiable? I guess that's hard to say at this point, and will depend on demand..?

  • @SaturnOne: I believe this is only true if you are comparing prices to those of the US second hand market, but as you know we in europe are paying a lot more for new OWs then our US collegues have to.
    I am watching the european market on different platforms since about two years. From the total of 8 OWs for sale I encountered during this period of time, 5 have been bought by myself, my brother and a friend of mine. So I believe I do know the current price situation to some extend...

    At the moment I am in first contact with some interested parties, but if it is still for sale in a few weeks, of course we can talk.
    Sorry bro and anyhow have a nice christmas day!

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  • @cr4p is this price less than you advertised before? I would be interested if lower

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