Light always blinking?

  • So, have a weird problem the manual doesn't address and a search didn't turn up the same thing....

    I turn on my board, and no matter what, the light is always blinking. It didn't used to do that. It would instead be solid blue. I have waited and waited thinking it could be blink codes, but it just blinks endlessly, and doesn't merely blink a set number of times. Now, the board is usuable, I can get on and the motor and balance engages and I can ride.

    That said, I did have a complete runaway a few weeks back (I was at almost a complete standstill and a kid ran into me knocking me off, but the board took off like mad) and OW was going to send me some new foot sensors. That still hasn't happened, so I haven't been riding much and when I do, I go quite slowly and cautiously.

    Anyhow, anyone see a continuous blink like this?

  • Sounds like its just the normal "breath" when its turned one. It should have done this before. Mine does. Maybe you just didnt realise it.

  • Solaranlage is correct. The blink is a battery status indicator. The faster it blinks, the less battery you have left...

  • @bobfandango definitely should always blink when turned on. I think it does address in the manual that it is a way to tell the status of the battery. Obviously it's is pretty useless at doing that especially during the day.

  • Thanks all, I guess I missed that in the manual. I agree, I never noticed it because I have always started with a full battery, and of course, since it's full, it doesn't blink!

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