Do You Plan to Buy a OW+

  • @CarvingUphillAVL

    V1 more than deliver for most.
    I guess if you're looking for that little extra speed, it might be good for you.
    I'd only go for OW+ if I'm looking for a second OW.
    I think for a used V1, it'll go down in price couple hundred bucks.
    Hope they continue offering it as the original.

  • It blows in my opinion, i spent 1.6k on mine last year... then a new one comes out thats even better.... i cant afford a second one but I feel like they should let us trade our old ones in for some value towards the new one....

    Im actually upset that they havent offered any deals for trade ins.... like a discount or something.... pisses me off.

  • @Seekwence I understand where some people think this way but in all honesty if I was them I probably wouldn't offer a trade in value and if they decide to do it, it will probably be way lower than what you paid just like a used car. Most people abuse their boards so much that it would be hard to take them back and give you any sort of fair deal. Just sell the board yourself if you want the +. Took me only a few weeks to sell it and I got exactly what I wanted for it.

  • @sonny123 Saw it offered at 1299, I believe

  • Well you can send it in to replace the motor / battery... why not send it in to get it completely upgraded? I think my entire OW + $500 bucks should cover it.

    For some people 1.5k is nothing... for others its a serious investment.... They really need to keep their loyal customers happy who had been here. This new wheel looks amazing and I have to miss out :(

  • @No said in Do You Plan to Buy a OW+:

    @MichaelW hmmm this is where I got my info

    Right, but all I see there is what the value of all the extra stuff you're getting would cost, that has nothing to do with the price of the board. If you look at the Silver Member, it says the board costs $1,499 and you're only saving $50.

  • @LidPhones Similar here. Had been considering a second one for a while. Feel like I cannot not buy the +..

  • Just realized how the break down of the sale was being done :D.

  • Purchased :)

  • right behind you @njcustom

  • Yeah I preordered. The 2 year warranty is what sold me. I've had to warranty my original board a couple times and FM's customer care is amazing. That upgraded sensor doesn't hurt either.

  • Purchase complete. Not even sure if I will keep 2......but probably will to ride with my son or daughter.

    It's just money! 🙈

  • @njcustom
    Yours will be a business write off for the fender+ design. Looking forward to see what you come up with....

  • yup. Just ordered mine. Affirm is dangerous. Makes it too easy. ROFL.

  • So, this makes more sense. They factored in the value of the "Freebies" to the said retail price. The price of the new board looks to be at $1549 after the pre-sale, but the longer you wait to order the less freebies you get and therefore the less value for the money spent. I'm cool with that.

    Here's the link with the break-down.

  • @T-CAT all of you guys are reading this incorrectly. The board is the same price, they were throwing in free extras now that give you a 400 and something dollar value. If you were to buy the same set up after 48 hours it would be worth the other price.

  • @Seekwence Hey man I feel you.... I bought my OW less than 2 weeks before the December sale last month! So, I lost a couple hundred there. Then, my board has bad footpads and will run away. But they are backordered until middle of this month. So, I paid too much, and won't be able to ride the thing until I could nearly have a V2 for the original price!

  • One third of the people are complaining that they don't think the difference makes it worth purchasing because it's not the changes they personally wanted, one third say Future Motion screwed over everyone who just ordered a new board, and one third say hell yeah this looks sweet and ordered one.

  • My current onewheel is fast enough. I just hope the new foot pads will be backward compatible. I'd be nice to get excited about the new design without having to spend so much.

  • @No said in Do You Plan to Buy a OW+:

    @MichaelW hmmm this is where I got my info

    Yep, look at the Silver Member column. Retail value of board, badge, contest entry and free shipping is $1549. So the board must retail at $1499.

    I was hoping for more range and hill climbing ability for Hilly Seattle. :-( My Evolve Bamboo GT electric skateboard is supposed to get 12 miles of range and I get barely 5 miles with these hills. So I bet it'd be just 2 or 3 miles for the OW+ if it can get up the really steep hills.

    Oops. thegreck said the same thing earlier.

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