Do You Plan to Buy a OW+

  • I was told by a rep he was told by the company end of Feb. I'm thinking 25-28th for those who ordered first day offered.

  • Screw it! I'm riding, it's cold a shit in WI today but it'll let up before Feb! Any other WI riders around? I'm in Madison

  • @MichaelW Earlier seems unlikely indeed. Then they would have been more specific (early Feb, mid Feb,..)

  • I wonder if they have the capacity to fulfill all those first order within the first 48 hours (or later) with their initial inventory of new boards in February.

  • @Hazeey I'm in New Berlin. The cold really hurts range as I learned last winter. It was hard to ride when the battery drained so quickly. At first I was worried that it was the aging of my board but range came back in the spring.

  • @Hazeey @Franky ElmGrove, WI here. Order now and when we get it the snow will be melted. Lets race!

  • @dakota4ce no, fair, wouldn't call it good.

  • @Hazeey Hey man! I'm in Madison as well. You're in rare company. I've never seen another OWer in my 1000 miles in the area. Caution: Under 32 degrees, expect OW to behave strangely. I've had the board stop and completely shut off. Also might change modes on it's own! Range drops to 2.5-3 miles versus 6/7 in the summer. I would try to return unopened V1, not because I feel the + is drastically superior, but because below 32 degrees, the fun factor sinks. You have time to wait for warmer weather unless you have access to a large indoor area.

  • @s2kboy I do not know, sorry. I have zero plans to spend that kinda scratch on a bag.

  • First pic in the wild!!

    0_1483841144640_Screen Shot 2017-01-07 at 6.03.43 PM.png

  • @CABALLERO call the company. They might make an exception for you

  • @ltl the tech news vids on rideables do not do the products justice. I cannot imagine anyone watching that awkward reporter wobbling around and wanting to also ride and buy one. they should be interviewing a Onewheel employee and then showing the Onewheel employees riding so people can get a feel for riding after your first attempt.

  • @dcosmos too late! I had access to a large gym this weekend and couldn't resist, soooo worth it ! If I want the plus I'll just buy one or wait for v2 with real upgrades. Let's meet up and shred some trails when weather allows dude! I'm sure you've got some good spots if you've put on 1k!

  • @Wisconsin_53122 sounds good, I'll race my v1 just to see! Ever ride kettle moraine terrain?

  • @MichaelW
    Sweet pic. The OWs do there best work in the WILD...... I really like the ramped look of the nose and tail. Does it make that much of a difference in ride feel or control?

  • From my post in cool pics.

    They are showing it in Vegas at CES. My buddy who has owned a OneWheel for two years said he couldn't tell the difference really. Thought it was very similar. I would say if you are a person who likes to go super fast it could be a good option but V1 is almost as good. Don't spend the money if you already have a V1 and money is an issue and or you are expecting a big difference. Bottom line difficult to improve a product that was crazy awesome already! @LidPhones

  • @MichaelW
    Thanks and I caught that nice review/post. I wondered if you could expand on the stance feel a bit more but it might take a few miles to get a good read on any noticeable improvements (if any).

  • @dcosmos that's unfortunate. I've ridden my OW in NYC all winter both last year and this year and I don't experience a decrease in range or performance. I actually went for a ride in 3 inches of snow this weekend. Other than 4 falls due to wobble via loss of traction, I was able to do my usual ride. That said, it was a lot of work and I don't plan on snow riding any more... I find that heat shortens battery life more than the cold.

  • @LidPhones Yeah... In the little time my buddy rode he felt like he was riding a V1. The footpads are definitely a plus as it locks you in a bit more but as far as any other noticeable difference in ride or smoothness be didin't notice any. To be fair he didn't ride it super fast or try different terrain. He has owned his board for two years and is a huge fan so he certainly has credibility.

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