Upgrade to OW+ before shipping

  • I ordered a OneWheel a 4 days ago and never received a shipping confirmation. Now I see the OW+ is out, I would of course like to get that instead.

    But I haven't had any luck reaching anyone through support. Has anyone else tried to do this with success?

  • Write them. They're prob in Vegas.

  • one of my boards is getting a new tire and they were communicating well until 1/4/17 now no response. They are all riding the V2

  • @CarvingUphillAVL its gotta be hard to keep up when youre a small firm at CES. Vegas baby, Vegas!

  • @dakota4ce Makes sense.

  • still no responses through support@onewheel.com or support tickets or phone ... I got a notice that OneWheel shipped now but I am sure its the old model.

    I will just end up sending it back but its annoying to pay for shipping again...

  • I got a response back, sounds like I should be all good and the OW+ will ship when its available in February.

  • @CarvingUphillAVL same thing happened to me, sent it in for tune and reload pack and the day v2 came out haven't heard from them since

  • @willardsen801 It seemed like the tech manager and techs were not communicating well when passing work from one person to next. I had asked for mine to shipped back without new decks bc it was going to another 2 weeks. It was almost 10 days after that it finally shipped. Then, I get an email from another marketing manager trying to convince me to buy V2 and that I should "take it easy" on the service team. I was never rude or even angry when communicating and I never gave any negative feeback. Maybe marketing needs to go help service. That was my first negative experinece with FM.

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