Weird Feeling...

  • A page has been turned now...
    I'm between sadness and Happiness....
    So stoked about the ow+ and starting save my money to purchase one for sure.
    But it will be impossible to separate me from my 1st OW version...already a collector toy..
    Hard to express myself about this strange feeling and curious to know if some of you are affected by this strange feeling, my dear friends ;)

  • @fabuz

    Sure was tempted to pull the trigger but wouldn't wanna see my good old OW grounded.
    If I'm into speed, I'd probably go for it.
    But for now, I'm holding off.
    But I know what you're talking about.. ;)

  • @fabuz I couldn't have said it better myself! I've been trying to figure out my feelings for the last 48 hours😵🤢👽😲🤑🙃😱😤😭😬😝😈

  • @fabuz I hear you but in my opinion if you are happy with the V1 don't bother forking out another 1500 until they come out with a real version 2 with significant upgrades. If the footpads are backwards compatible I will be happy with that upgrade. Right now with the specs of the + I don't think it's worth the upgrade.

  • @ahxe45 don't worry dude , just spend 1500€ in dji mavic pro to cook you better video :) :) so ow+ will wait for sure :) :) :)

  • @fabuz Nice that should be cool. I just picked up a cheap chroma on ebay so I will be messing around with that for videos.

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