Riding modes on the OneWheel+

  • 19 mph is going to be too fast to be safe for many people and environments. It'll be too fast for me personally on a day to day basis in the city. I'm sure I'll give it a try now and then but I don't want to find myself mindlessly speeding up and then experiencing pushback going 17 mph. I'm happy and safe (relatively) riding at about 8-12 mph in an all concrete urban environment, and I appreciate pushback where it is. I expect they'll have it covered with more flexible riding modes, I'm hoping to get benefits with control and safety from the better motor and have some control over what speed pushback kicks in, and for me I'd keep pushback roughly where it is most of the time.

  • @dalisdair Learning to control your own speed is key to riding a Onewheel safely. But, ironically, I think the more powerful the motor is, the more control it'll have over your top speed, and the less likely it is that you'll outrun the motor and go splat.

    I think you're right that they'll have different modes which will allow you to have the pushback kick in earlier if you'd like, but having a more powerful motor is much more than just a faster top speed... it will also give you a lot more control and a smoother ride on different terrains.

  • lets hope they chucked Classic mode.

  • @dalisdair I hit 16 pretty regularly in NYC on clear smooth roads, but often feel more concerned about not going fast enough. But agree that 16-17 is generally plenty.

  • Wondering if the Onewheel app, and the other third party apps that currently work with Onewheel, will also work with Onewheel +, of if there will be the need for a new app.

  • The speed issue for me is the ability to keep up with bikes in the bike lane.

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