Mafia Slingpack bag - $225 before tax!!!

  • It may be well made, but $225 is an absolutely disgraceful price to charge for a bag.
    Go to REI and buy the LARGE duffel bag for $35:
    Fits the Onewheel well enough:
    0_1484580646197_REI OneWheel Duffel.jpg

  • @HansBoobie dat username tho :::

  • Bag it. Big time.

  • Worst thing about that bag is that it only holds the OW, if you need to put your OW in a bag, aren't you likely to be carrying something else? A supercharger? A backup battery? Helmet? etc... Odd choice by FM

  • Totally agree. Absolute bollocks charging that for a bag!

  • I have a feeling that this bag is produced in limited batches locally in Cali by skilled craftspeople out of upcycled wetsuits and sails. It probably will be a collector's item. I myself wasn't in the position to go pioneer so I'm not trying to make myself feel better about a purchase. I make things with my hands and often at a loss trying to fit within the artificially suppressed cost structure of goods that are imported from places where workers are treated subhuman and do not earn a living wage. Wake the fuck up people unless you want to live like a child labor slave yourself we better start building back the middle class and support American manufacturing with living wages. WTF has all this outsourced cheepness done for us except made us into a bunch of whining sissies.

  • The Mafia bag is expensive, true. And if it doesn't include pockets to hold the UltraCharger and maybe a few other items, that would be a bummer. The fact that Future Motion has tied in with Mafia on this bag doesn't surprise me, and seems to align with the positioning of the OW as a bespoke, premium product. Although I don't own any Mafia bags, it seems to be a premium product with a unique hook (everything is made out of recycled sail material), and that's why OW partnered with them. For everyone who finds it to be ridiculously overpriced or not the appropriate solution, there are tons of other off-the-shelf solutions, some listed in this discussion; and there are also some fellow OneWheelers who are manufacturing bespoke OW cases as well. Tons of options out there.

  • I bought the bag linked by the OP, and it is about 8" too short to fit my OneWheel, fender on or off.Maybe they had a redesign at some point and kept the same nomenclature.

  • @Oversoul225 I'm very sorry. You are correct. I just measured the zipper, and the bag is 30" long - which is the large! I tried my Onewheel in the bag in the shop before I bought it. It this was the last one they had at the time and it didn't have a tag on it, and was sure I paid $35 for it, so I thought it was a medium... I have edited the OP.

  • I picked this one up from Academy Sports. It was $49. The Onewheel fits nicely with room for charger and helmet.

    0_1484674640158_Resized_20170111_124639.jpeg 0_1484674657904_Resized_20170111_124213.jpeg

    It also concerts to backpack


    They had another that was very similar but had wheels with no backpack straps.

  • What's the name of that bag at Academy Sports? Could not find it among the many they have.

  • It is their store brand, Magellan. I don't recall the model name. I will try to find it. For some reason "renegade duffle" sticks out in my mind, but I'm not certain.

  • It is the Magellan Outdoors Tactical duffle.

  • @onewheelwilly Dang! I just can't find it. If anyone finds it, would you put a link up?

  • @onewheelwilly Dang. That's pretty sweet. Thanks

  • @dcosmos @onewheelwilly Haven't been able to locate it either. I did find this beauty though. At least we can stay hydrated.

  • @onewheelwilly @dcosmos seriously hard to find online. Found something similar on ebay. 0_1484702784263_Screenshot_2017-01-17-20-23-41.png


    That's what I could find, nothing on the actual site tho.

  • It's got to have backpack straps if I run out of juice far from power or want to transport a second board.

  • @onewheelwilly damn that's a great looking bag! Could you possibly post another photo of it wearing it as a backpack with the onewheel in it? Curious of how it looks as a complete package.

  • I have a coupon code if anyone may want to get a bag . Just sayin .

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