Tire advice.

  • By the look of it, my first tire needs replaced pronto. I would send it to FM, but my OW+ will not be here in time and I'll be left boardless. To be honest, that just isn't an option. Help me order a tire today pls.

    Option 1 - Purchase replacement Vega slick.

    Option 2 - Purchase this slightly narrower, heavier compound Hoosier slick. as seen in @Earthpilot 's thread

    Option 3 - Purchase this Hoosier treaded d30 tire as seen in @No 's thread.

  • Going back to the Vega isn't worth it, especially if you've been riding long enough to wear out a tire. if you do a lot of offroading, occasionally on loose terrain like gravel, sand or general woodland debris, then go with the treaded tire, so far the tire tread is going strong and I haven't had any major issues. The only time the treaded tire performs better than a slick is on loose terrain, but the major downside to the tire is that you have to grind off about 1mm from the battery housing of your OW.

    If you don't want to modify your OW, and you don't spend much time on loose terrain, then the slick is better, I haven't tried it personally but I do know any rounded tire is automatically superior to the Vega

  • @No Thanks dude. I am going with the rounded slick as I'm mostly in the city. Once I get a second board I'll mod the og with a tread for some trail rides.

  • the slick is sick

  • Have you tried tire slime? Unless you have a massive leak, you might be able to make it on that. I had a very large leak last spring, thanks to riding on super low psi a few times, but tire slime got me another month. I could see the green oozing out and drying but it held the air in and I'd just add more slime and air when needed.

    That did culminate in a rather hilarious ride by the lake in Chicago while visiting for a trade show where a bike pulled besides me and asked about the board. As I was telling him about it, tire slime shot out and freaked the biker out. I made it half way to the convention center with slime occasionally shooting out before I had to rent a bike to make it the rest of the way. Decided to send it in after that.

    Tire change seems feasible though since others have now done it. Good luck!

  • Good research my friend. I do not regret switching to the Hoosier. I have picked up some road debris, rocks and glass that is embedded in the tire which tells me while it it a medium compound, it is still supple enough to heat up and collect things. I ride exclusively sidewalk and street at the moment and this tire fits the bill. The tire is what I feel makes the board. Run the tire I am running and you will find out that you have unleashed a carving machine. You will not post impressive top speeds but you will be on both edges all the time because of the smile factor alone. Better tire clearance as well. If I was off roading a lot, I would go with No's treaded tire.

  • @Earthpilot Does the pressure equate to the Vega? 10-20psi?

  • @Hubbitron Yes, at 13 to 14 psi, I think they feel equal {bumps, cracks, uneven terrain. Just imagine that you have filed off the outer edges of the Vega and reduced the width by a half inch. I roll up and turn 180s on light posts, turn 90 degrees with a simple front/back foot twist when standing still.

  • This weekend I put on the Hoosier A40. Thanks @No & @Earthpilot , this tire is so much more nimble I will probably never go back to the Vega. The Vega is perfect for learning to ride but this is some next level shit. I'm riding at 16psi and this tire carves so hard and I'm still able to get plenty of speed. Thanks ow forum!

  • @Hubbitron et al. I really enjoy reading all of the OW forum posts. Great tips, helpful discussions, and of course a healthy dose of wise-ass humor. With that said, here are my stupid questions: How do you change the OW tire? Special tools, etc?

  • @sonny123 Thank you sir. Just subscribed to your channel. Digging the side snap option on your fender mod.

  • @sonny123 This is awesome. In my case, every shop I went to said no to helping change or break the bead on my tire. I was able to do the whole change without removing the tire assembly though. Dude at Mr Tire was nice enough to help me seat the bead on the new tire (stubborn AF).

    Protip: the screws holding the wire restraints are made out of the softest metal I have ever encountered. If you can remove them without stripping the head, go grab some backups at the hardware store before re-installation.

  • @sonny123 THANK YOU. I used my kitchen table haha.

  • @sonny123 come to think of it you could probably just use a piece of PVC or a metal mixing bowl or something.

  • @Hubbitron

    Honestly, I dunno how you guys can pop off the tire on your own.

    Luckily the tire shop nearby will do it happily.
    Only problem is, he fights with it like a soccer ball.
    My rim now looks camouflage with all the scraps..

  • @sonny123 Don't get me wrong, I questioned my own existence several times during this procedure.

  • @Earthpilot / Hubbitron HI, I was wondering what slick tire you guys ended up going with? Are you happy with it. I am a ways out on needing a new tire on my V1; however wanted to have my plan b early. I am riding mostly paved trails. Thank you

  • This post is deleted!

  • I'm on pavement 95% of the time and would like to stay with a slick tire. Is the Hoosier slick an improvement over the Vega slick? More grip? Longer wear? Does the Hoosier have a rounded profile versus the flat profile of the Vega. And importantly, if the Hoosier is inflated to 20 psi, will the tire rub?

    Just preparing ahead of time to make the best choice for my style of riding.


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