OW+ Order Numbers - Who is getting it first?

  • I purchased Jan 4 at 8:00pm and got order number #738* (last number hidden). I would think that its safe to assume (edit: bad bad assumption) that there were 7 thousand + sold that first day before me. So my question is this. Who's got the lowest number? Post your order #, order date/time.

  • Nice question. I am also curious. However 7000 seems a lot. I expect sales of onewheel v1 being around 12000 total up to now. So v1 will be a collectors item in the future haha.

  • I'm 714*, ordered as soon as I saw the email on the 4th (8:12am). I'm thinking they started the count around 7000, there's no way they sold 7k boards on the first day. If so, we'd be looking at Feb 2018 for shipping.

  • Not to call you out, but I wouldn't say that's safe to assume at all... though would be quite impressive. I looked back at my order of a fender back in Nov, order #581*, so it's more likely that they've taken over 7k online orders in total.

    That said, my Jan 4th @ 2:30pm order for the OW+ is #730*

  • Yea. Maybe my personal excitement overestimated the sales, but congrats @jordo and @bizrock on getting it before me!

  • Order #753* confirmed yesterday afternoon.

  • I think there have been 7K orders in the lifetime of Future Motion, not just for the OW+. I bought a v1 board as a gift a few months ago and it had serial number 8 thousand something.

  • I got Order #770* and ordered around 10:30 PST on 1/5/17.

    Did they start Gen2 with #7000?

    My Gen1 is #346*.

  • My v1 is #723* so I would think your ok

  • @thehoff that's good info to know for this thread! thanks!

  • @Wisconsin_53122 and it wS purchased 6 months ago

  • I highly doubt order numbers are indicative of anything other than who purchased before someone else.

  • @Franky Couldn't it be indicative of shipping order, assuming they ship first come first serve?

  • I ordered early morning on the 4th as soon as it hit the website and my number starts with #70**

  • #711* is my order excluding the last digit.

  • @ wheelking, I order today, early in the morning and it's #760*. It seems it doesn't match.

  • @RodSlide - You're right...the order numbers can't be random...what's up with this?

  • Maybe other can tell us there number ?

  • Nice. So we know they've definitely sold more than 770 units as of EOD 7/5... Now how many units you think they average shipping out per week?

    Edit** or not... I see the comments above now

  • I pulled the trigger pretty early the morning of. #711*

  • @wheelking, I have order at 0.40 AM in France, (don't know the PST I am French). Written order date 01/05/17. Does it help ?

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