Want to sell your v1 Onewheel? I'm looking to buy any Onewheels in Europe.

  • I'm in the market to buy your Onewheel, if you're interested in the new Onewheel Plus and looking to upgrade to it then let me know as im interested in buying Onewheels from across Europe.


  • @Jimmers75 Will you also import and sell the onewheel+? In that case I would be interested in buying two new + and selling two used v1. Of course with an extra payment for the difference in price.

  • What price are you thinking of @Jimmers75?
    +/- 1000 km's with a new set of blocks

  • @ltl Imports will start arriving in the UK as of March and I can have them shipped to any country in Europe (costs of shipping dependent on the country) The UK cost is £1480 which will include shipping, taxes and 1 removable side handle. Full Future Motion warranty applies.

  • @Polle I would need to see some pics of wear n tear first. Please do e mail some to me at jimmersis@mac.com

  • @Jimmers75 I will email you.

  • @cr4p if you're interested I would be happy to pay €950 for your board. Cheers

  • @Jimmers75: thanks, that would have been really funny, but I already sold it;-)

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