DIY Onewheel Stand

  • I didn't want to spend $200 on wavestands, so I decided to hit the 70% off scrap heap at Home Depot instead. $15 and 2 hours later, we have this beauty. They even cut all the pieces so I didn't have to get sawdust all over my house. I'll stain/paint it once this rain stops, but I think it turned out pretty nice!

    3_1483916042997_4.jpg 2_1483916042996_3.jpg 1_1483916042996_2.jpg 0_1483916042996_1.jpg

    Here is the material list if anyone is interested:
    (4) 2x12 @ 24"
    (2) 2x2 @ 24"
    (3) 2x2 @ 4-1/2"
    Box of 2-1/2" screws

  • Sweet, Jeff. Thanks for posting this and especially for the materials list. Now I just have to pick up another OW. My wife is going to kill me, lol.

  • Nice work! Its dog approved and will be handy with all the +'s about to join the party. Some paint and a OW sticker would add to the radness too.

  • Bad ass! Love it!!

  • @jeffmccosker Looks great. Is there any way you can provide links to higher res images?

  • @jeffmccosker That'll do! I will likely do this when my Onewheel+ comes in. Now to make space in my apartment.

  • Great stand @jeffmccosker very neat.
    I've built a wall cradle for mine, no so good if you're renting, but thought I'd share the love.
    0_1484005919295_Wall Stand2.jpg

  • @MrCamel nice stand and fender!

  • That's awesome. Any idea what the materials list might look like for a single OneWheel?

    I ask because I can't tell which pieces go where in your photos due to size and/or my complete lack of fabrication skills.

  • @OriginalEric change from 24" to 12" and you'll only need (3) of the 2x2s

  • @jeffmccosker Thanks so much sir. I'm going to try to build it this weekend, time permitting. It would be awesome to have it set up before the OW+ get's here and it'll help to the pass the time.

    Thanks again sir.

  • Are you sure those are 2x8?

    After looking at your stand I was inspired to build my own in preparation for my + but realized I needed a 2x12 as the back or it would lean to much.

    I plan to build one that holds 3 boards tonight for my buddy which should be fun!

  • This post is deleted!

  • @ims598 I'm an idiot. Thanks, I'll update.

  • Made a makeshift stand from an old folding guitar stand. Few mods and it will be solid. Doesn't let me attach from my photos, I'll take a pic when I get a minute.

  • @jeffmccosker
    Very straight forward solution. I will keep it in mind if (more likely when) purchase a OW+

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