DIY Onewheel Stand

  • I didn't want to spend $200 on wavestands, so I decided to hit the 70% off scrap heap at Home Depot instead. $15 and 2 hours later, we have this beauty. They even cut all the pieces so I didn't have to get sawdust all over my house. I'll stain/paint it once this rain stops, but I think it turned out pretty nice!

    3_1483916042997_4.jpg 2_1483916042996_3.jpg 1_1483916042996_2.jpg 0_1483916042996_1.jpg

    Here is the material list if anyone is interested:
    (4) 2x12 @ 24"
    (2) 2x2 @ 24"
    (3) 2x2 @ 4-1/2"
    Box of 2-1/2" screws

  • Sweet, Jeff. Thanks for posting this and especially for the materials list. Now I just have to pick up another OW. My wife is going to kill me, lol.

  • Nice work! Its dog approved and will be handy with all the +'s about to join the party. Some paint and a OW sticker would add to the radness too.

  • Bad ass! Love it!!

  • @jeffmccosker Looks great. Is there any way you can provide links to higher res images?

  • @jeffmccosker That'll do! I will likely do this when my Onewheel+ comes in. Now to make space in my apartment.

  • Great stand @jeffmccosker very neat.
    I've built a wall cradle for mine, no so good if you're renting, but thought I'd share the love.
    0_1484005919295_Wall Stand2.jpg

  • @MrCamel nice stand and fender!

  • That's awesome. Any idea what the materials list might look like for a single OneWheel?

    I ask because I can't tell which pieces go where in your photos due to size and/or my complete lack of fabrication skills.

  • @OriginalEric change from 24" to 12" and you'll only need (3) of the 2x2s

  • @jeffmccosker Thanks so much sir. I'm going to try to build it this weekend, time permitting. It would be awesome to have it set up before the OW+ get's here and it'll help to the pass the time.

    Thanks again sir.

  • Are you sure those are 2x8?

    After looking at your stand I was inspired to build my own in preparation for my + but realized I needed a 2x12 as the back or it would lean to much.

    I plan to build one that holds 3 boards tonight for my buddy which should be fun!

  • This post is deleted!

  • @ims598 I'm an idiot. Thanks, I'll update.

  • Made a makeshift stand from an old folding guitar stand. Few mods and it will be solid. Doesn't let me attach from my photos, I'll take a pic when I get a minute.

  • @jeffmccosker
    Very straight forward solution. I will keep it in mind if (more likely when) purchase a OW+

  • @dougzilla wow, those are beautiful!

  • Hey fellow riders! I created the Anchor Stand for Onewheel and they're now available for purchase in Black Powder-Coated Steel and Anodized Aluminum at a great introductory price of $59.99 + $10 shipping:, allow 7-10 days to receive yours. Fabricated from a single piece of metal, they fit all boards- both the Original and the +, and accommodate Float Plates as well as the Craft + Ride Tail. They look super premium and solidly hold all Onewheels firmly in place. I'm really proud of these stands and I'm stoked to share them with the Float Life Community!

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