What is the longest one has gone without a tire change?

  • I have had mine for almost a year with 1000+ miles and tire is still good how long should I expect the tire to last?

  • @tony420121
    Very good mileage. I would say it greatly depends on ride style and the weight of the rider. The lighter and less aggressive the longer it should last. Also keeping the tire around 20 PSI should help too.

  • True. I have had mine around 20 psi since I got the board in May and all the carving has almost completely worn down the edges of the tire in less than 500 miles.

  • I ride very aggressively and my psi is about 18-19 I weigh 172 and ride all-terrain (mud,gravel,pavement,ect)

  • Went through 2 tires so far but I think partially my fault.
    I must've ridden at low psi while not aware too low.
    Now I ride at 23+, but I don't care for off road riding and enjoy the sharp carving.
    So far the tire looks fine.

  • If I can barely push down on my tire with very little give its pretty perfect for my riding style and body weight.

  • 1200 miles on 1st tire but I too failed to monitor pressure and had to change prematurely. Just cahnged 2nd OW at 1700+ miles thread starting to show on edge and leak the fluid are signs to change tire

  • Is to high of pressure bad or is it the low pressure that causes premature wear? (riding on low psi sucks and effects speed riding on super high psi bounces you off due to no absorption from tire.)

  • @tony420121 over 20psi isn't recommended for the stock tire. I agree w/your comments- for me tire pressure is finding that right balance between being too soft (shorter ride distance, more tire wear, etc) and too hard (feeling every little bump in the road, getting bounced off, etc). For everyone that right PSI will be different, affected by rider weight and riding prefs. For me I'm good at 15.5 - 16.5 psi.

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