Shipping pushed back on ow+

  • shipping went from February to march.. kinda of expected that ..

  • @njcustom I assume you mean on new orders, not previously placed ones?

  • Hopefully those of us who got suckered in early will still get a February ship date.

  • @sidebox correct.. I ordered the day OW+ was released and it said shipping February. Now it says March..

  • Where are you seeing the delay/ship date?

  • Ah, just the website? I assumed you meant something more specific to your order...

  • @bizrock yeah just their site

  • Copying Tesla's marketing strategy.

  • @MichaelW it took 3 months for my first board.. hopefully it doesn't take 3 months again

  • Most people that ordered the Tesla model X waited 3 years when they were told 1 year. It looks like OneWheel so far is as predictable. One Tesla year = One Future motion month ;) @njcustom I guess the good news is your awesome magnetic fender will fit regardless :)

  • @MichaelW WOOOOOWWW that's crazy..

  • @MichaelW yes I'm happy my fenders will still fit

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