Onewheel for Sale, Tokyo, Japan.

  • Hi Guys,

    I also have a Onewheel in Tokyo that I am looking to sell. Its in incredibly good condition. Its my second Onewheel so I learned to ride on the first one, hence this one has basically no scratches and is barely used. Looking to sell for the same price as the other bloke, $1200USD or 140000Yen. PM me if you're interested.

    I should also mention I'll throw in an extra pair of completely unused bumpers. It also comes with the ultra charger obviously. I'll check the mileage when I get home but I'm guessing its less than 15km.

    I also have all the original packaging, box, manuals etc.

  • Would you be willing to take $1000 shipped to Hawaii?

  • @Daiwen Just bumping this :)

  • Hey, Daiwen. Sent you a PM.

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