the Bias in the First round of Reviews

  • So, there is going to be a big bias in the first round of reviews "in the wild" of this board and until it starts shipping and we know what tire pressure the board is riding at, you really can't know how smooth, or how fast it accelerates bla bla bla vs v1. Because if you change tire pressure from 12-20 it massively changes the apparence anyway of those ride conditions. So, we really need to know the compartitive tire pressure to know what this thing is really made of....

    And the countdown to march starts...... uhhhhh Now

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL The fact that anyone rides below 22 psi is incredible to me.

  • @sidebox

    What do you mean by: is incredible to me!

    What pressure do you have in your tire?
    Have you ever try more than 22 psi? What is the feeling?


  • @Norm I ride at 22 psi. The tire is rock hard. I get a ton of speed. That's my number one priority. I enjoy riding fast. I guess others just have different priorities.

    I don't ride off road at all. Just city street riding. I need all the speed I can get to avoid cars whenever I can. I have to be a little more careful that my back foot doesn't slide off when I hit decent bumps. I'm looking forward to the contoured foot pads to help with this aspect.

  • @sidebox said in the Bias in the First round of Reviews:

    @Aaron-Broward-FL The fact that anyone rides below 22 psi is incredible to me.

    I ride like 15-16ish. Why such a hard tire @sidebox ? I'm already losing traction in the dirt at 15.

  • @jeffmccosker I would be screwed off-road. I am in NYC, so there isn't much dirt for me to ride in. All asphalt here. The plus is that I get good speed and mileage. I consider myself an advanced rider, but the few times I have occasion to ride in a field I feel like a beginner..

  • So incredible... is qualified to on pavement....

  • Theres alot of advantages to higher pressures.. mileage, less tire wear, better handling, less bouncing, more predictable ride, faster acceleration and top speed, and last but not least, stability..

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL said in the Bias in the First round of Reviews:

    So incredible... is qualified to on pavement....

    It's qualified to my opinion, as I stated.

    @njcustom well said. When I started riding at 16-17 when the OW arrived it was way too squishy of a ride for me. It felt more wobbly. It is definitely more predictable of a ride with a higher psi.

  • this is how I look at it..

    If you weigh ..

    150 - 15+psi
    160 - 16+psi
    170 - 17+psi
    180 - 18+psi
    190 - 19+psi
    200 - 20+psi

    Every tire has a weight limit.. just like the tires on your car. The same tires on different vehicles will require different pressures ..

  • Why is there actually a max tire presure? Is it important to stay beyond it? My thought is that the tire should be able to stand much more preasure, but maybe its dangerous for the hub-motor? Or the tire would blow up too much and wouldnt fit into the frame anymore.

    Id like to put more preasure in as i weigh more than 200 pounds. But max sais 20 psi is max, and i dont want to destroy anything.

  • @Solaranlage 2 psi won't hurt it.. these tires require about 60+psi to install on the rim.. I wouldn't worry about the max pressure.

  • Im actually worried about the motor insinde the rim. And i still wonder why the max. Preasure is so low. I guess when the tire is mounted on a gocart, there is much more preasure in it.

  • @Solaranlage when I raced go-karts back in the day I ran with about 5-7 psi and the tires were pretty similar.. after 20psi the tire begins to balloon.. that's pretty much it

  • Alright. Then i know that. I never drove a gocart, just imagined it should be more than 20.

  • My tire cycle: I ride it till it goes down to about 8 psi. Then when I have time to deal with fighting with the valve I pump it up to 16 psi again. I repeat this every few weeks.

  • @sidebox can't wait for the new footpads for V1

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