Fender, or no fender?

  • Thinking about a fender. Will it help with collection of small pebbles, debris, small rodents, etc on open wheel. Or will these just get gummed up inside the fender?

  • @floaton Deff. Fender if you plan on riding on anything other then dry pavement.. I've had mine on since day one(own a factory and @njcustom mag. Carbon fiber) and never had issues with things getting stuck.. you hear rocks/debris smack against it but it spits it right back out + dry dirt free legs/foot pads are always a plus lol.. as a side note @njcustom makes some killer magnetic carbon fiber ones that are easily removable if need be.

  • Fender. No question

  • Fender defenatly!!
    at first it would help me mostly for the rain....But I also do a lot of forrest kamikaze rides LOLOL...and after some time this is where the fender helps most.
    because it keeps all the gravel of the board which improves your grip and the pads when needed!! and the lifetime of the pads aswell since they stay clean and fresh!!!...(in the forrest I always tap my shoes on the fender before I get on)
    pro's con's:
    saves money -
    improves grip and safety
    rain (keeps your pantslegs dry!!:)

  • I appreciate the input, all. Looks like I'll be trying to float with a fender soon. Peace.

  • Fender...

  • Fender !!!

  • 0_1484223937334_74657951.jpg

    I ride in all weather with no fender. I can't bring myself to buy one. Needs a more sleek design.

  • Fender ouf course

  • @Hubbitron I bet your pants are destroyed, after one wet ride though.

  • @Hubbitron I share your opinion, but clean shoes/pants are also quite practical :)

  • The fender is nice to have when riding sand / dirt / water / offroading, as it keeps water + debris from flying up and landing on your shoes and lower legs / pants. For wet / inclement weather the fender plays a bigger role in keeping you and your board clean. Not essential, but nice to have. As for how it looks, the newer fenders they've been shipping look nice and are super durable. Compared to the original matte fenders they used to ship, which look like pre-production / prototype models, the new fenders look amazing.

  • @Hubbitron If I could stand wet/dirty pants/legs/shoes I'd be riding without fender. But I can't.
    With fender: I don't like little rocks/debris smacking between the wheel and the fender either, but prefer that greatly over the wet/dirty pants/shoes.
    No-brainer in the end.

  • I had been riding with no fender since I got the Onewheel this summer. The rocks kicking up into my shoes was irritating, but the snow kicking up on the foot pads was sketchy as it made the deck slippery. Here's a fender I made w/ some plastic I had on hand 0_1484237858197_onewheelfender.jpg


  • This post is deleted!

  • @floaton
    Absolutely a fender on the OW makes a huge difference in stopping many items from being slung towards your exposed areas ;-)

    A few here have traveled through some nasty stuff that they then had to wear until cleaned.....

  • I can't post a pic from mobile but check it.
    The fender is a must for my commute!

  • @slydogstroh
    Nice splash...

  • @LidPhones think about how destroyed those khakis would have been if I didn't have the fender.. lol

  • @slydogstroh
    They would have been a darker shade of brown ... LOL. Not to mention the hour of damp crotch while at work.

  • @slydogstroh nothing more punk rock than a pair of khakis.

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