Distance/ Trip: 14.9 km ( 9.26 miles )

  • On my OnewheelBuddy, I have get this information when the battery was almost death.
    Distance/ Trip: 14.9 km ( 9.26 miles )
    It is fabulous!

    I just have my new Onewheel for 2 weeks now, and I regularly make 14 km and plus with one charge. Two times, I have made 14.9km ( 9.26 miles )

    I don't go straight line ( zigzag), so I cannot mesure with iPhone Map or other devices.

    I drive my Onewheel on ~~strikethrough text~~Flat and hard roads, extreme mode, Hawaii temperatures, 170 pounds.

    Is the Onewheel odometer accurate?

  • that sounds really good! When I went to demo the onewheel at a store the guy also said he gets normally 9+ miles as well. Flat riding obviously, but still thats great! I have come across different information regarding charging times -- some have said it takes 30 - 40 mins for a full charge, what have you experienced? Have fun riding, I'm ordering my board next week!

  • Do you do lots of carving?
    That helps easing the motor and pumping up mileage.
    Still coming back at 30% left after my typical ride of 4 miles even in cold weather.
    I'm 220 lbs.

  • @sonny123 What do you define as cold weather?

  • @dcosmos

    25 more or less

  • @Ballagio

    Charging time: from 1% to 100%, "35 minutes, 15 seconds"

    90 % of the time I zigzag ( like in powder snow ). Going straight line is no fun for me.

  • Best I've got is 9.4km I'm 230 tho lol I'll try to improve on more zigging and zagging in the spring.

  • @Norm what pressure are you running your tire at?

  • @Norm Thanks for that info! @sonny123 thats quite good, considering people say they get about 2-3 miles when the weather is around 32!

  • @sonny123 said in Distance/ Trip: 14.9 km ( 9.26 miles ):

    Do you do lots of carving?
    That helps easing the motor and pumping up mileage.

    I did not realize this. I suppose it's like pumping a long board?

  • @Waterloo1wheeler

    Pressure 17 to 19psi ( it loses pressure with time during the week)
    I inflate at 19 and 4 to 5 days later it could be between 14 to 16psi.
    At higher pressure ( 19 psi ), the OW is very responsive and quick to react.

    Tonight, I had to stop before the battery die because is was to dark on the parks. I was about to beat the range of 14.9 km.

    Tonight's Onewheelbuddy data:
    Distance/trip: 13.0 km
    % battery remaining 36%
    Régénération: 11%
    Top speed: 28.5 km/hr


  • This is for the V1 Onewheel, not the V2, right?

  • @Corlux

    Yes, it's the V1, it works perfectly and long lasting battery. 😃

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