App accuracy for top speed?

  • So I was out and had the owbuddy app on and downhill off-road it said I hit 36mph! Flat land 15.4, how close have you guys noticed speeds on different apps and what is your most accurate thoughts? Thanks

  • You definitely didn't hit 36 mph lol it may have felt like 36 though..

  • The most accurate way is probably by driving by on of those road side radar speed readers that the police leave out to warn you how fast you are going. The GPS apps are inaccurate and I don't believe that the apps that are pulling data from the OW are completely accurate either.

  • @Hazeey I'm currently using pOnewheel app. Hit 19.7 mph today, right before I nosedived and tested my skin resistance to pavement. My helmet was more successful, thankfully. 0_1484525931619_Screenshot_2017-01-15-14-31-00-1080x1920.png

  • @wr420 before the powheel app was developed I was prepping for a video to see how fast i could get and then drive by a local roadside radar setup by my house. That's when i first experienced a nosedive and it hurt and i was like fuck that noise.

  • My elbow can attest to the danger of the nose dive, and now I have some elbow pads.

  • @floaton I think was actually that app that I used.

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL - I've tried the same. lol It was very difficult to see where I was going and try to watch the sign at the same time.(at night)

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