Onewheel+ Launch Date (keeps changing)

  • I noticed the other week that the date for the launch mysteriously changed from Feb to March. Then when I went to the site today I noticed that they changed it from March to April. Bummer. I sold my original onewheel to get the new one too soon. Now I am without a ride until April. Does anybody know why it is pushed by two months now? Ugg. Cannot wait. :)

  • @joeymac those that ordered earlier will receive their OW+ earlier; those that waited will receive their OW+ later (and later, and later. . . . )

  • @groovyruvy

    Yep, it's like Batch 1, Batch 2, etc...

  • I ordered on Jan 10, but can't remember what the website said the ship month was at that time. I've tried to check Google's cached web pages to no avail.

    Any guesses as to when I will receive the goods?

  • This is why I opened my newly purchased OW, I knew there would be a painful wait and I couldn't do it. I'll order OW+ after everyone gets a chance to check them out and I can actually get one when I buy it, not front them production money and cross my fingers....good luck all you pioneers! (And I mean that)

  • @Hazeey No regrets! The original is amazing and still fun as hell, even a year and 900 miles later.

  • @Hazeey @thegreck is 100% right. I'm still obsessed with riding my v1 after a year and a half and almost 3000 miles!!
    My V2 could come in 4 months and I'd still be stoked I got one.

  • Holy shit, 3000?..... I need to order the + I just don't know when I need to do it.

    I got get a new place and gotta do deposits and crap. So I need extra cash flow. And I need to send one of my boards in tune up. Ehhh. Lots of cash to future motion

  • @thegreck I'm surprised I have more riding miles (I'm pushing 1100 miles now, after less than half a year of ownership)

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