Wet ground, dirty underbody?

  • I live in an area where rain doesn't necessarily clean anything. Worms, bugs, and other gunk are everywhere. Even with the slightest amount of moisture, everything flings onto the bottom of the battery housing.
    It gets really gross, and i can't seem to figure out if there's a way to avoid this. I don't really like wiping pieces of worm and goo off my onewheel all the time.

  • I wrapped my entire board with clear gorilla repair tape from Home Depot. I also took clear plastic corner guards with adhesive for walls and cut them to fit on the top and bottom outer edges to keep the blue metal from getting trashed.

  • @bdech15 So, you peeled the tape off when you were finished? Sounds like a lot of tape haha

  • No I didn't peel it off. It's still on the board. Think of a screen protector or invisible shield for an I pad screen.

  • I just let it get dry and fall off naturally, now I have this weird thin teflon-like coating of dried organic matter that nothing else can really stick to, so it's always a little dirty, but it never gets any worse.

  • I rinse mine off with the hose after almost every ride. I do let it dry or dry it with a leaf blower before I power it up or charge it.

  • @No love and second this observation!!!

  • I let it dry and then use a good old wire brush.

  • @No It's your NatureBoardĀ®

  • Cleaning?oops... I never clean. My board is scratched to hell and I usually have a 1-2" clump of city juice right behind the wheel. If it gets bad enough I scrape it off on a curb.

  • I don't just clean it off.


    D E L I C I O U S.

  • @sidebox said in Wet ground, dirty underbody?:

    city juice

    Lol and I will call it "city juice". I'm always worried it will start eating through the board.

  • Lol and I will call it "city juice". I'm always worried it will start eating through the board.

    Be me.

    Work in San Francisco.

    Eat shit on the pavement near 4th & King.

    Get city juice in body.

    Develop super powers.



  • @mekon You've got a movie idea. Now use that to get onewheel to send you a couple free + boards haha

  • @mekon Sounds like the toxic avenger.

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