Race for the Rail

  • Is Race for the Rail happening this year? If so, does anyone know when it is and if it's open to the public?

  • Yes its happening. I'm 99% certain its back in Vail Colorado June 8th-11th

  • @J-Glide Sweet thanks Jeremy. I hope to see more community event type stuff from FM in the future.... I'd be so stoked to meet/compete with everyone. Last year I thought it was a really cool idea and was bummed about not being able to go.

  • Confirmed VAIL June 8 -11th 2017

    "The world's best Onewheel riders converge on Vail for the GoPro Mountain Game - Onewheel Race for the Rail!

    Building on the momentum of Onewheel's first official race at the 2015 Mountain Games, the Race for the Rail will adopt a boarder cross format, pitting some of your favorite Mountain Games athletes against each other for a spot on the podium.

    Thursday - Saturday
    June 8-10, 2017

    June 8, 1pm - (Opens)
    June 9, 11am - (Opens)
    June 10, 9am - (Opens)
    June 11, 9am - (Opens)
    June 10, 3:30pm - (Race for the Rail)

    Lionshead Gondola Yard


    Come demo the boards and witness the elbow to elbow, mad dash for the Rail at the Lionshead Gondola Yard. The Onewheel Demo course will be open each day during Gear Town Hours."

  • @RandomNate So the marketing for that says "come demo" the OW and that Race for the Rail will be "pitting some of your favorite Mountain Games athletes against each other for a spot on the podium."..... It's confusing because it doesn't explicitly say "come to Vail and compete in race for the rail" and almost sounds like they have a group of guys already set to race.
    I guess what I'm wanting to know is - if I road trip over to Vail will I get a chance to time trial and get in the race?

  • @slydogstroh They have 'opens', guess that means everyone is free to compete...?

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