Need a manager

  • I have a warranty issue concerning my board. You have had my board for over 2 weeks and need to resolve this issue. I received only 2 emails ignoring my reasons why the damage should be covered under warranty. I need to have a dialogue or phone call to discuss this further. thank you.

  • @grinmoure Good luck man! They've had my board for 5 & 1/2 weeks! They responded with a robo reply and immediately afterward a human one that's already been welched. Sometimes their responses seem like they don't read the complete email I've sent.

  • @grinmoure @dcosmos you probably already did this, but the consensus on this forum is that it's best to email them at

  • @groovyruvy Yes, that's how I've contacted them

  • @groovyruvy yes I have, thanks.

  • You will probably have better luck opening your window and yelling to FM.

  • I think half of the problem is people inundating them with nonsense emails and questions that aren't important, like 'When will the + Ship' etc. That coupled with the trade show the other week, I'm sure they are just trying to get their heads above water.

    I would be frustrated as hell if I was in your situation though!

  • @Snurfer Luckily (or not), it's snowing and cold in Wisconsin so I haven't been able to ride much. So in my case, it's not that bad. It's just surprising a company with such an awesome product could fail so hard with customer service.

  • Yeah, they were basically closed for a week and a half, while at the trade show, and as a small business owner, I know how hard it is to play catch up for that much missed time. Hopefully they will scale up a bit to help with these types of issues.

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