Shipping eta

  • I ordered my Onewheel 01/16/17. I was not given an ETA. When should I expect it to arrive?

  • April.

  •        42

  • Or 2019, with V3 ? No wheel, just flying...

  • My order shipped 10 days after confirmation.
    Had a few e-mail from OW staffs, "will ship 3-4 days"(twice they replied after asking about my order).
    They shouldn't have mentioned "3-4 days" to me, because they just made liars out of themselves twice.
    Atleast they replied giving me hope.

    Received 12 days later in Hawaii.

    Details not worth mentioning because it won't change anything.
    They are slow in getting it out the door. Fed-Ex shipping helps.

    Patience is required.

    OneWheel is fun and a great product.

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