Batteries won't stay balanced?

  • Update: tried the recommendation. Didn't fix anything. Seems like the battery resistances are all different. Sometimes it pulls perfectly and balanced. Other times the voltages go whack and it craps out

  • @shaka-wheeler in winter my cells go out of balance all the time. If I've not used the board in a week or so or after a few weeks of riding.
    How could you have tried the latest suggested fix of bench running and then a 48 hour charge. in a few hours of it posting?!

    OWheelBuddy shows the cell voltage. Which after a full charge (the charger trickle charges with the green light on) should read 3.64v per cell. No charger fully charges or balance charges in fast charge mode. (Red light)

    I only get balanced cells at 3.64v if I've left on charger for between a few hours or overnight. Depending on how out of balance the cells are. The more balanced your cells are the quicker the cells will balance at 3.62v - 3.64v

    Try and be patient and leave it on charger until you get readings as above.

    In winter I leave on charge overnight once a week to keep everything right.

  • I had battery problems too and FM told me the clamp idea is hard on the motor. They suggested I ride it out.

    I used to have a max charge of 94%. When I rode it out, I got about 20 minutes of riding on 1% lol. Now my max charge is up to 100%. Voila.

  • @thehoff i left it charging until all cells read 3.62. I've done the 48 hour charge too, and it didn't work. It didn't take too long to reach that voltage. I'm going to contact onewheel as i believe i have a bad battery pack. It's been plugged in since my last update post. I can do 1.4 miles on hilly terrain, and still read 100%...

    I let the onewheel charge overnight, every night to balance. No idea why they'd be out of balance in the first place. they start out balanced, and unbalance as i ride.

  • 0_1485641845741_Photo Jan 28, 2 03 43 PM.jpg
    Just a screenshot of riding experience. It maintains 100% charge as i'm riding it for way way too long. Really bizzare...

  • @shaka-wheeler that's a strange one! Have you rode until low battery pushback now.. what mileage are you getting... really can't trust apps. It's all about the mileage per charge

  • @thehoff said in Batteries won't stay balanced?:

    @shaka-wheeler that's a strange one! Have you rode until low battery pushback now.. what mileage are you getting... really can't trust apps. It's all about the mileage per charge

    About 4 - 5 miles. It's pretty different every ride though. The battery voltages are everywhere

  • Mine is doing the same thing. Today I rode 3.5 miles and it stayed at 100% in Onewheel buddy. I kept getting errors it was going to shut down because it was at 100. I had about 40% usage. Mine has been acting like that for awhile on the app. I've noticed it's pretty accurate on the usage when it finally gets drained.

  • @laneeric I typically get 6-8 miles per charge.

  • @laneeric Update. Just rode it for the first time in about 7 days. Had charged it for about 72 hours straight. I went about 3.5 miles and my batter was still at 100% and said I had used 44%. Went to a movie and turned it off and headed back. The battery went from 100% to 30% in about 2 miles and then it was done. Started to get pushback and it shut off after another 1/4 mile. So I will charge it up again and see but I am not sure what is up with the app "one wheel buddy" or my board but it has shut me down a number of times around 20-25% showing battery left and lately it will show 100% for a long time. Might have to send it in it's only 3 months old and about 300 miles on it. Got the OneWheel Plus coming in so when that comes I will ship it back if it doesn't correct itself.

  • @laneeric You're lucky on the onewheel plus! Just rode mine today. It shut off at 32%! Totally shocked when that happened. I'm going to probably send mine in - no idea what's wrong with it.
    Enjoy the plus dude, i'm jealous!!

  • @laneeric said in Batteries won't stay balanced?:

    harge it up again and see but I am not sure what is up with the app "one wheel buddy" or my board but it has shut me down a number of times around 20-25% showing battery lef

    I had to send mine in for the same exact issue, they had to replace the battery module, whatever that means

  • @shaka-wheeler that seems about right
    Mileage is affected by lots of things.. tyre pressure, your weight, surface your riding on and outside temp..

    In the winter in Ireland on a mix of gravel and footpath with some hills to climb, 20psi in tyre and I weight 190.. I get 4-5 miles

    My son who weights less then me in summer has got 9 miles..

    If you have run the battery flat (1%) and fully charged it (24-48hours) a few times and then reinstalled the app so it calibrates with the fully charged board .. if this doesn't give you proper readings and you mileage is under 4-5 miles then I'd say sent it to FM

  • @thehoff Thanks I will do that and see if it changes.

  • Hey guys just wanted to give my solutions to this battery issue I have had with 2 boards now. On Onewheel buddy and the Onewheel app I would go 3 miles on 100% and then it would start to go down after that. I would usually get kickback around 25-30% and it was toast. I would get great range like 7-9 miles on a charge but was frustrated on now knowing when I was done. I did as they told me to leave it charged for 24, 48, 72, and then I did a week. None of that ever fixed the issue. What I finally did was the last time It ran down on me. I would keep switching it on and watched my app. It took a while and it would drop from 29 to 28 and so on til 25%. I had to keep turning it on and using my hands to simulate riding it and would go back and forth until it would shut off. Finally it went from 25% on the app to 1% instantly. After that I charged it up for only about 1 hour and took it out and wham back to working like it did when I got it. I wanted to make sure this was not a fluke and did the same thing on another board of mine (we have 3) and it worked as well. That board took a bunch more patience to actually get it to 1% but it did the same stayed on 25% for about 20-25 turn on's and off then it made the dramatic shift and it worked as well. I can only assume that one of the cells just doesn't get drained like all the others and we basically force them all to drop to Zero doing that and it has worked for us twice. Just in case some of you want to try something else before sending it in. Hope that helps.

  • @laneeric
    You described exactly the same problem that I have with my OW.
    Will try your solution....and will let you know. Make sense!

  • Mine is the opposite I rode about 2-3 miles and says I am at 100%

  • @tony420121
    You experience exactly what said Laneeric (2 days ago)
    3 miles, still 100%.
    What % shows your app. just before the battery died?

  • Norm

    It usually was between about 30% and 25%. I sent the ticket in to Tech and they told me to do the 48 hour or longer. Didn't work on any of the boards. So for me I just figured one of the cells was still carrying some load and obviously not enough to power the board. So I just kept turning it on and using my hands on the front and the back of the board with the light on trying to drain the battery. It would shut off and the app still said 25%. On the first board it took about 10 times of doing this and then Boom it went right to 1%... After charging it...... It's back to working. I have to say the one issue you will probably have is it will reset you odometer. I have about 300 miles on my board but i am back to 20 miles now.

  • Mike

    Your problem is the same I was having. I would sometimes ride 3plus miles and still show 100% on my App. Then it would start to go down but stop at about 30%...

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