Tire treadwear

  • Ok first post. Loving my onewheel, I have been riding almost daily since May of last year. This weekend I noticed unusual wear on one side of my tire.

    0_1485797385367_IMG_20170125_135251 (1).jpg

    I have heard that onewheel support is backlogged and it can take weeks for a tire change. Maybe someone at HQ can confirm or dispel as appropriate.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a local service provider in San Diego area that can do the tire change for me? Has anyone completed the change themselves, did you purchase tire from onewheel or 3rd party.

    Thanks fam

  • @louman73 Once you get your tire changed out, I'd recommend you try a higher psi. The fact that you've worn through the sidewalls, but the tread-wear indicators show that you should have several hundred miles left on your tires (at least) makes a pretty clear case that you're riding at too low a psi.

    I put mine at 20psi about 8 months ago at the advice of a lot of riders on here whose opinions I respect, and haven't looked back. A stiffer tire makes it easier to control, you get better mileage per charge, and I've had virtually no wear on the sides so far.

  • @louman73 I got mine around the same time. Curious how many miles you have? I'm around 750mi and although the corners are beveled there is no string/radial showing yet. I weight about 160 and run about 20psi.

  • PSI issue. I run low but always try to stay around 12-16. Also these tires tend to lose air constantly. I pump my tires up every couple weeks.

  • And I'm 170lbs, and have about 900 miles on mine, with no visible wear on the sidewalls either. I carve a lot, which some people say causes more wear on the edges, but I think that's only true if the psi is too low, because it's pretty rare that you actually tilt the tire when you carve. The wear happens when your psi is low and you put pressure on the edges, and the tire changes shape. A stiff tire doesn't do that.

  • @thegreck Agreed.

    Also, Slime is a must in my opinion.
    Not only does it save you from a puncture,

    it also maintains PSI.

  • Probably a combination of my weight and PSI. 215, not sure on psi. Gotta check when I get home. Anyone in the San Diego area want to change it for me, I will pay. I am notorious for making mechanical things worse than they were before I touched them.

  • @thegreck Sounds like great advice. Do you typically ride on concrete / in urban areas? I almost exclusively ride in urban areas, ie. not off-rode. My tire shows similar wear--on both edges now.
    But during the first few months I hardly checked the tire pressure- which may mean it's been too low for quite some time.. Now I've had about 500 miles on my second tire. It needs air every two days to not be flat. Applying slime did not help with my first tire though I might consider trying it again now.

  • Just an FYI, I took my stock tire off at 1060 miles with slightly less wear but the same pattern. ( Your tire is near paper thin at this stage because mine felt really thin when I took it off) Go easy

  • @SaturnOne mainly concrete and urban as well. Never really checked the tire pressure until the other day when I saw this.

    @Earthpilot did you do the change yourself? Any tips?

  • @louman73 Read the beginning of this thread. You will probably not get the same mileage out of this tire like the Vega. I will get right around 500 miles and I have No's treaded Hoosier that just came in the mail today. Changing it very soon.


  • @wr420 So I have 761 miles on the busted tire. New one comes today, gonna try and fix it myself without making things

  • I just looked at your first post with the picture. Your tire is under inflated because the middle is concaved. You won't see that concave on the Vega if it's inflated to the right pressure.

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