Coming to the UK?

  • ____hey OW.
    Any news on when these might hit the UK? or do you have to order from US for international shipping?
    If so - whats expected shipping dates at the moment?


  • @paulboulding Ordering through the OW website is the only way at the moment (and probably for quite a while!) They advertise a lead time of 6 - 8 weeks but I'm nearly 7 weeks in and no sign yet. Judging by most peoples' experiences on here you can expect to wait around 12 weeks, which is great because waiting is so much fun :bowtie:

  • I'm hoping to get mine Sent to the UK by January 😁 Can't wait!!

  • Mines arrived today in the UK after 14 weeks. I'm leaving work early!...........

  • Hi Viper1 here...( lost password) I wanted to Give everyone who is interested that I have received my tracking number few days ago.. It's just passed UK customs and set to arrive Monday 😁 I can't wait!

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