Can't upload pictures

  • Always had issues uploading pictures to this forum. Now nothing I do will let me upload.. anyone else having problems? I've shrunk my picture down to a blur and they still won't upload..

  • @njcustom Are you attempting to post from a mobile device? It never works from mobile for me.. only from desktop.

  • @slydogstroh yes.. I'm never near a computer

  • That's ironic because I started a thread on the same topic just this morning. It never gave me much trouble before. Some folks gave great tips, and I was hoping it would work after that, but it still fails to load properly. I also use my smart phone primary for uploads.

    I made sure the pics were under the size limit, made sure the file name was short just in case it had a max limit on that too, as well as made sure it was in a proper file format like png, jpeg, etc. I still end up getting an error message saying that the file must be in png, jpeg, etc., which it already is. It's very very very strange. It will even show it loads 100%, yet provides that file type error.

  • @T-CAT exactly what I'm getting

  • What is the size limit?

  • @DavidJohn something around 2k...I shrunk them down to 500 and still nothing..

  • I shrunk mine down to less than 200 and still doesn't work. Ha-ha. It's becoming a joke now.

  • I might have to put my pic in a vid (a very short vid) because I know that works.. Crazy!

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