Immediate nosedive from start. Why?

  • I had a weird thing happen to me on my commute this morning. I turned on my OW, checked the front lights were good, hopped on, and 3 feet later nosedived. Then it happened again.

    I checked to make sure nothing was caught in the wheel and cleared a little dry gunk but nothing major. I gave it a third shot and this time everything was fine. But the whole experience definitely rattled me.

    What do you think happened? Did I get on too fast? Did my foot come off the sensor? Did the ~35 degree battery temperature have something to do with it?

    thx for your thoughts!

  • @noahsw what is your level of experience riding OW? If new to it, you could be pushing too hard on the front and accelerating too fast. If experienced, may be a problem with the board. Try riding on level surface doing basic moves, no speed, to work the battery down a little, and then give it another go.

  • Been riding almost daily for about a month. The third try worked fine for my 20min commute.

  • @noahsw maybe the board was at full charge, and you were getting an overcharge pushback / board failure. Anyway glad you resolved it.

  • Did you leave the board on the ground when you switched the board on.That is the time it needs to settle on the flat ground.

  • @groovyruvy said in Immediate nosedive from start. Why?:

    @noahsw maybe the board was at full charge, and you were getting an overcharge pushback / board failure. Anyway glad you resolved it.

    What's an overcharge pushback?

    I'm new to One Wheel so I want to know more.

    There should be Wikipedia for all the terminology and/or features of OW. At the least a technical list of features. That way we can all be better informed.

    A forum FAQ helps but too bloated of opinions.

  • @fruitygreen
    When the battery is fully charged and you continue to charge it through regenerative braking (e.g. traveling downhill), you may experience “Full-Battery Push Back.” This is to prevent overcharging the battery cells. If this happens, simply switch your Onewheel OFF and ON again and travel up the hill for a few moments to expend some of the charge. You will now be able to continue riding downhill.

  • Interesting. It was a relatively flat road but would a slight decline cause the full battery pushback?

    Not sure if it matters but the night before I rode the board to 0%.

  • @noahsw - When it nose dived was the power on after? or did you have to turn it back on after the nose dive?
    If you had to turn it back on it might have been the battery/temp protection. I've had this happen. I believe FM replaced the BMS.

  • Power was still on. Onewheel buddy showed 100% battery but no error messages (not sure if it shows error messages).

    I can't remember if I turned it off and on again though.

  • @noahsw The prob I was having was when it was cold(OW in trunk all night). It has the same symptoms you describe with the exception that mine shut off. This would happen for the first few attempts at riding and then be fine.

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